Reading Email Messages is a Real Problem With Gmail iOS App

By Sidharth | Google

Last week Google released an update to its Gmail iOS app. The “modern” design is pretty fantastic, and it’s true that the app is incredibly smooth and easier to use. Apple’s Mail app pales in comparison to Gmail app, but there is one thing we didn’t quite like. This problem is kind of a big deal — the new Gmail app makes reading email message a challenge.

Sure, you can read messages in your inbox on the Gmail app, but you can’t adjust the font size. The font size remain fixed, which means you either have to take the iOS device closer to your face or you must have a sharp vision. Unfortunately, not everyone has a ridiculously powerful vision.

Unable to read inbox messages on Gmail, iPhone 4S device

As Colin points out, Gmail app doesn’t handle basic email rendering that well, compared to the Apple’s Mail app. The issue is largely visible when you have lengthier message to read — take newsletters or press releases as an example, which usually contain a lot of textual content, as shown above.

Pinch to zoom isn’t going to fix the problem. While you zoom in or out, the message gets chopped off, as shown in the screenshot below:

Zooming in to read messages on Gmail iOS app

There’s no alternate way to fix this problem. We have done our part by uncovering this problem, hoping that Google fixes it in the next update. Yes, it’s frustrating, but we will live with Mail app for now, and fortunately, it is possible to change the font size in Mail app.

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