Sony PS3 Firmware Problems: Getting Out of Hand Now?

By Jay Shah | Games

If you own a Sony PS3 the firmware may be giving you a tough time. After all this is what most PS3 owners have to say now. And the problems have escalated such that the Microsoft xbox looks a brighter prospect! So what’s the killjoy of playing games on a PS3?

The thing with Sony’s console is its irksome tendency to force you to make downloads which not only eat up your valuable time but may also be classified as ‘unnecessary’. For example an update which allows Sony to make suggestions to you about future downloads and updates, takes 30 minutes! If that is not irritating, what is?

Moreover, downloading a game from the PlayStation store takes much longer than doing the same from Xbox Live or Steam. So while you can start playing the game within minutes on the Xbox, it is not before an hour that you can actually see some action on the PS3!


The worst part is that the hard-downloaded patches do not improve the performance of the console. Often you have to download patches for previous updates to remove bugs or simply to add function which you may not need. The cost? Your valuable time again. Be warned that setting up proxy servers will not increase download speeds, but may well end up compounding the issue differently!

For a game like ModNations Racers, it takes no less than an hour to get into the thick of things with all the firmware and game updates, added to the game loading times making you feel utterly helpless and bored.

And this is the common grouse of most PS3 owners; while the old faithful may point out that the PlayStation network is free. But isn’t playing a game on the PS3 taking more from you than just money now? If you have just half an hour to game in a busy day, what does the PS3 have to offer?

Sony should be addressing these problems quickly because Microsoft patches are faster, easier and less frequent. Moreover, installing the game on your hard drive is not necessary on the Xbox, which saves more time.

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