A Look into the Verizon Roadmap

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

Of late, all the talk about Verizon Wireless has been centered on whether the company will actually carry the iPhone in the near future. But you’ll be thrilled to know that now there’s more success awaiting with Verizon than just that. Actually it’s a glimpse into their plans for the next year, to be specific!

First up is an amazing bit from Motorola. You thought the Droid X was the ultimate Droid available on Verizon, right? Well, think again because Verizon will carry another Droid Smartphone – the Droid Pro, which will have a 1.3 GHz CPU and global roaming capability among many other features. It will probably be launched later this year.

And that’s not all Verizon plans to serve up with Motorola. The two companies are also working on a device with a slab form factor with full touch-screen, global roaming and preloaded with Android 2.2. A cheap Motoblur handset anyone?


Both Samsung and HTC will roll out at least one device each, with Verizon as the carrier.

Samsung has also got a 7 inch Android tablet with a front facing camera in the works. Even Motorola is working on a tablet with an exceptional 10 inch screen, more than 1GHz processor, a front facing camera and most surprising of all, Android 3.0 as the operating system. This device was supposed to be launched in late 2010, but Android 3.0 dev issues have delayed it by at least 3 months if not more.

Verizon is also planning a Mi-Fi LTE device for 2011, which should support up to 10 simultaneous Wi-Fi users. As a part of its expansion strategy for LTE coverage, the company plans to capture at least 75% of USA by April 2012. This may be quite ambitious but is not unrealistic at all.

LTE data cards will continue to be priced at $59.99 per month, though the data allowance has not been revealed yet.

So, it is quite evident that Verizon is not depending too much on the chances of carrying the iPhone. The big Android boost forms the bedrock of its strategy for the future. How that works out, is what will be interesting to see.

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