Why Downloaded apps are not Working on Mountain Lion 10.8

By Sidharth | Apple

I have been using Apple’s new Mac OS X Mountain Lion on my iMac for quite a while now. Let’s just say the new OS is a minor update to its previous version, Lion 10.7. As usual, whenever you upgrade your system to a new OS, some of the apps may stop working completely — that is, you cannot open these apps anymore.

There can be several reasons why an app doesn’t work:

  • You haven’t updated the app to its newest version.
  • Your OS doesn’t support the app.
  • You have partially downloaded the app.
  • Incorrect setup, and so on.

But one of the main reason is the compatibility issue, which is why apps that are downloaded off the Internet or apps that are already installed on your Mac system may not work after an upgrade. Even games may crash after upgrading.

How to find Incompatible Apps on Mountain Lion

To know if there are any incompatible apps on Mountain Lion, go to Spotlight and type “System Information.” Look for the “Software” menu on the left side and click on “Applications.” Applications labeled as “PowerPC” will not work on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Alternately you can check out RoaringApps ‘s compatibility table to learn more about the list of supported apps on Mountain Lion 10.8.

Unfortunately, if you have downloaded an app that is not working on your Mac, there’s nothing much you could do than wait for the app developer to release an update.

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