Orkut trick – Save & Download photos from Orkut albums

By Sidharth | How-to

Orkut.com is a social networking community website linked with Google. Orkut community user base are mainly from from Brazil, India, USA and Pakistan. Orkut is being used widely due to it’s simplicity in creating profile, albums and using application with easy navigation. Also Orkut album includes photos/images which can saved on the desktop but now the feature is no longer available.

orkut-album-trickHere is a simple trick which will let you copy and download photos from orkut albums. If you want to save any photos from the friend’s album or say any unknown orkut profile album then these steps will be useful.

First you must visit the album page of orkut,then click on the album and enter the album area where you can see various albums placed in a thumbnail view. Open the albums and click on any photos which you want to download on your hard disk.

Remember, Orkut doesn’t have enabled right click feature to save those photos from the album, so just left click on the image using your mouse and drag the photo to the address bar. The url address will be changed to http://images.orkut.com/albumsomething . You can see the image source which is from the orkut server, now right click on the image and Save the image on to your computer!


So there you have saved your orkut images easily. You can also copy these photos manually using the same method 😉

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