Send Orkut Stylish Scraps Fonts & 3D Glittering Greeting Graphics to Scrapbook

By Sidharth | How-to

Orkut has definitely grown into a big social networking site in most of the countries like Brazil,USA,India & Pakistan.Due to the simplicity and rise in orkut applications there are various orkut tricks which makes orkutting much more fascinating and addicting.

If you have created a orkut profile then you must have used or seen people using various smilies & stylish text scraps which is done with the help of addon called “orkut toolbar”.Here is a small orkut guide which might help lot of orkut users for sending and creating beautiful Scraps.For scraping Flash Greetings to any scrapbook – you can make use of orkut application like Style me which puts in a Colorful scraping option and also has the ability to generate glittering 3D cards & send glitter greetings to your friends as a Scrap with a few clicks.A useful feature of style Me is that you can scrap the Greeting cards to your friend’s scrapbook privately.

If you want to send Flashy Greeting cards as scrap then add Super scrap application which has dozens of glittering good looking graphic greeting cards for various festivals like Diwali,Christmas.If you want to send flipped or random text scraps then do check out these Cool stylish fonts websites for sending weird fonts as testimonial or scraps. 😉

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