The World’s Best Presentations on Business

By Sidharth | Web resources

Slideshare recently released a list of the most popular business presentation slides.

These five presentations are not only entertaining but also include important nuggets of information that can be useful for your business. You will notice that these presentation slides use rich images, less amount of text and there’s a visually appealing theme, which is why they are a success today.

Best Business Presentations

1. Social Media Around the World

Participation of over 9000 people resulted in a research report of a global social media study. This presentation illustrates how businesses are using social media all over the world. Slides: 167

2. Ten Business Models That Rocked 2010

The presentation illustrates 10 innovative ideas converted into a business model. Lots of useful insights on every successful business. Slides: 47.

3. Awesome Marketing Quotes

Looking for some motivation? This presentation from Hubspot brings you quotes from some of the powerful business marketers of our time. Slides: 103

4. Transform Your Marketing

The Internet has fundamentally transformed the way people discover, share, connect and shop. It’s time for marketers to transform the way they raise awareness and generate leads. Slides: 64

5. Social Media is Dead. Long Live Social Media ROI

All you need to know about businesses that go about setting up, launching and running their social media campaigns. Slides: 58

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