Can you Read the Entire Wikipedia Articles?

By Sidharth | Web resources

There are nearly 4 million articles in English Wikipedia alone. All of these article pages probably have been edited dozens of times and are often filled with external and internal references, making the abundance of information really useful.

Now, what does it take to read all of these articles? Sure, you can read a few pages every day! But consider this challenge: Can you read each and every article available in the English Wikipedia?

Yes, you can. Reading the entire articles available on Wikipedia will take you a few years. To be precise, you will have to spend 16 years and 9 months! But that doesn’t mean you can read at your own pace! You must have a very good reading speed — 300 Words Per Minute — to read each and every Wikipedia article.

Oh, and you should quit sleeping and taking breaks, too!

Articles on Wiki

Source: Webempires.

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