Download Classic Car Racing Game (24 mb)

By Sidharth | Web resources

Today, Gaming has been one of the most super quick growing business on the Internet. Everyone loves to play games on there PC whenever they are bored or want to get rid of work stress. Study reveals that playing games improves brain power as well as eye sight (Yes, you heard it right).  

Thanks to Game top who have provided a simple yet classic car racing game that is compatible without the need for high PC requirements as well as free to download. Car racing game includes 3D graphic display where you can compete, make points, upgrade your car and have a illegal city ride to win the race. You have to keep winning the race to unlock other available maps which is challenging.

Here are the few screenshots of this classic free game



You can directly download the game from here (click here) or head over to Game top page. The game is 24mb which is compressed with not so high graphic output. If you have played any of the high quality graphic games like NFS then you won’t find this one amusing enough but hey, it’s free and compressed game too 😛

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