Fast Online Image Screenshot Capture tool – Kwout

By Sidharth | Web resources

Kwout is a free online based image capturing tool which captures the particular webpage screenshot in a fast & easy way.If you are a frequent blog writer then kwout is bound to help you out as it has useful features to post those captured screenshots on Flickr,Tumblr or blogspot blogger with a few clicks.

To access and capture screenshots from webpages online just visit Kwout and locate the specific url of the webpage,you will be directed to a page asking for capturing the area of the webpage.Adjust the length and the width of the image  then cut out the screen to obtain the screenshot which is uploaded in kwout’s server.Kwout also helps you to send that image to your friends or add annotation to the screenshot,change border length and add effects or quote with an image map.Kwout also has a nice little Firefox addon for effective fast capture which can be downloaded from here

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