How to Setup Wi-Fi Network At Home [Linksys Router Guide]

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Wanting to get rid of all the messy internet wires that are making your house resemble a vined jungle and looking to set up a wireless network but don’t know how to go about it? Well look no further, here are tips to help you set up your own Wi-Fi network.

There are a couple of things you will need for this, to start with: either a cable or a DSL modem and an working internet connection is required. The next thing you need is a wireless, broadband router which you can pick up from your nearest computer goods store. Do take care to buy one that has a built in firewall.

The router will have a couple of ports for wired devices and one for internet or WAN. The first thing that you need to do is set up the router.

How to setup WiFi Router?

Run the installation disk and depending on the user friendliness of the router you purchased- the set up client will guide you through the process (look into the manual).

Plug the router to a power supply and switch it on, then look for the router’s name in the wireless connections list. Its default name will either be the manufacturer’s name or the model number. Connect to it by selecting it from the list and there you go, you have connected to your router.

Now to secure it from others who can connect to the Wifi network as easily as you have. Firstly, connect the bundled wire with the computer and with the router on one of the wired devices’ ports. Go to router’s settings and go to the website address mentioned on the user manual. Here you can tinker with the router’s basic settings like changing the network’s name and the network mode.

Go to the wireless security option and generate a password for the router. Keep this password safe with you, as every time you log in to the internet through your router, it will ask for this password. Save these settings and to make sure that someone else cannot access this settings page and mess around with your router’s settings, go to administrator settings and change the password from default to something unique to you.

Once your configuration is complete, unplug the router from the computer and connect to it wirelessly after providing the password. If you are able to connect without any hassles it means that your Wi-Fi network is ready to roll. Just connect the Ethernet cable from your modem to the router in the internet/WAN port, reset your router once and there you have it, your own home Wi-Fi network running.

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