Internet’s Most Wanted Girl: Antonia Miskic. She threw puppies into the River! [Video]

By Sidharth | Web resources

Antonia Miskic. That’s the the name of the young girl who was captured on video while committing a serious crime of throwing puppies into the river. And later the video was uploaded on! I am not sure if this video still exists on YouTube but this piece of news, undoubtedly, comes in as a shock to public and PETA.

Although the name remains unconfirmed (Antonia Miskic or Katja Puschnik), but from what I’ve recollected – Antonia Miskic picked up one puppy at a time and tossed them to their death into the river. A total of 6 alive puppies were put to play in this heinous act.


When the video went live on August 31st, it spread like a wildfire and many facebook pages were created to take action against this lady. At last, PETA decided to take the initiative after looking into the matter and have also announced to handsomely reward ($2000 in cash) to whoever that finds more information about this girl, who is supposedly residing in Croatia.

Now, she’s the internet’s most wanted girl who openly engaged in animal cruelty and the hunt to track her down is on. How far can this go? What if those puppies are alive?

Check out the video of the Girl who threw Puppies into the River:

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