Error Code 1013 on iPhone 4 [iOS 4.2.1 Problems]

By Sidharth | Apple

Updated your Apple device with the new iOS 4.2.1 firmware? If it was a smooth install, then thank GOD. Because it looks like some of the folks are experiencing issues while trying to download the iOS 4.2.1.

If you’ve encountered an Error Code 1013 and Error Code 1611, then you are a victim of this issue as the problem springs up amidst downloading the iOS right off from your device.


It’s not just the iPhone 4, but even the iPhone 3GS, other models of iPod Touch and iPad have been facing this unwelcomed change. On top of that, there isn’t any viable solution to fix these error codes. So, those of you who hastily upgraded to the new iOS 4.2.1 are now left hanging in the air.

You can try restoring, but it will not work. You can even go to the DFU mode and try bucketload of methods, the issue simply pops up each and every time. With no official update on this bug, Apple might have disappointed fair bit of customers.

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Omar January 12, 2011

I cannot download the IPSW file 4.2.1 whenever i download it , the download gets to 178MB and then it stops , I tried internet explorer,firefox and even google chrome. pleez do u guys know how to download it ???

    Simon January 18, 2011

    I get the same problem, it gives me a server timed out error message

Les December 9, 2010

For me, this was a NETWORK SECURITY ISSUE (Antivirus/Firewall). After SHUTTING THEM DOWN, it worked!!.

anon December 5, 2010

does not work. nothing works

not recboot, not tiny unbrella, not irecovery, NOTHING. still at revoery mode screen on iphone 4 trying to up to 4.2.1 cause i can;t downgrade to anything else. my phone is bricked and apple won’t do shit. wtf man.

    PonyBoy December 8, 2010

    soo… there is still no way to fix this? does anyone have any info on when apple will fix this!? im officially paying for a phone that i cannot use at all. does jailbreaking the phone have any affect on the upgrade? if soo let me know because i jailbroke with limerain and if that is the cause of it they have stuff to fix!

Matthew November 30, 2010

Do you guys mind letting me know on how should i edit my host file? I have been trying several ways but it still ain’t working. Your help will will be much appreciated.

    JIS December 4, 2010

    Hey bad lucky guys,
    I did follow every step below described, but not worked.
    There is another way to loop out from recovery mode.
    1. download ipsw file(you can easily find the downloadable website for ios 4.2.1 : google it)
    2. in itunes, click shift+restore
    3. find the file(.ipsw) which you downloaded at step1.
    4. wait for several minute and Done!!!
    Hope to work for you guys,
    This really worked for my case.

Vikas November 29, 2010

This technic really worked, thanks……..

Soeren November 25, 2010

All the other fixes did nothing for me..

What did however work was IRecovery.. Had an old win xp box I used to get out of the recovery loop.

Chad November 25, 2010

I used tiny umbrella and kicked it out of recovery mode. Restored with itunes as soon as itunes said it detected phone. Restored and it work instantly.

Bembe November 25, 2010

thanks so much paul it works for me just add #.

Toon November 24, 2010

Thanks snazz,

I had the same 1013 error and I could solve it thanks to your clear instructions.


Paul November 24, 2010

It’s a simple thing to fix. I had it repeatedly and fixed it and now my phone is working fine. Go to your hosts file and under comment out the 10-digit number by adding a # in front of it. You should be able to update then.

    Bembe November 25, 2010

    thanks so much paul it works just adding a #.

      Tamay November 26, 2010

      Thanks a lot mate just got my iPhone 4 was pretty scared until i tried this 🙂 took me 2 hours though ha. Thanks again

        Matt November 30, 2010

        Thanks Paul. You are a genius and a lifesaver!

Tom November 23, 2010

Tried TinyUmbrella. Kicks out, restarts the phone and loads back up in recovery mode. Any suggestions?

MiKi November 23, 2010

Sorry, but it doesn’t work for me. I did update from Iphone 4 with iOS 4.1 with update button in iTunes and phone says error 1013.Nothing is working, even Tiny Umbrella and RecBoot not.

Fuck. Iphone is my first apple phone and I have it only 10 days and it already dissapointed me.

kawaman November 23, 2010

Yes tinyumbrella worked for me tooo..

Scott Hobbs November 23, 2010

Or you can also use a little app called ‘RecBoot’. This will kick your device out of recovery mode and then you can connect it to iTunes as a new device and write from you last backup…

Worked for me.

snazz November 23, 2010

Find the solution here:

Apple – Support – Discussions – Upgrade to iOS 4.2 1013 error …

1. Go to your “Applications” folder
2. Go to your “Utilities” folder
3. Launch “Terminal”
4. Type “sudo nano /etc/hosts” (without quotes) and hit return
5. Enter your password
6. Use the down arrow key to find the “” entries. Once the cursor is in front, make sure you comment out the line(s) by entering “#” (no quotes) in front of the text
7. Save the file by pressing CONTROL+O on the keyboard
8. Exit the nano editor by pressing CONTROL+X on the keyboard
9. Restore your iDevice

Or try it with TinyUmbrella to kick out the phone out of the recovery.


Sergej November 23, 2010

Kick it out of recovery mode with TinyUmbrella (from after getting error 1013.
It should be fine after and successfully on 4.2.1

And it worked fine ! Dont be afraid, Tiny Umbrella does nothin except kick out the iPhone out of the Recovery Mode !

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