Facetime Bandwidth Consumption? Find out how much data Facetime Over 3G Uses

By Sidharth | Apple

With Facetime over 3G a reality with the aid of JailbreakME jailbreak tool, now we shift our focus on Facetime bandwidth consumption. How much data does Facetime app over 3G actually uses?

Bandwidth Usage: Facetime over Wi-Fi and Facetime over 3G

Here’s the pic posted by Andrew on Flickr — 29 minutes of facetime video calling over TMobile via Novatel MiFi wireless hotspot — and the data transfer breakdowns to approximately 1.5MB per minute.


The data usage further rises up after implementing Facetime video call over 3G. Tested by 9to5Mac, here is the screenshot of data sent with a 5 minute Facetime video calling over 3G.


So that’s pretty much it. Although Facetime over 3G consumes more bandwidth than Wi-FI, but its an acceptable usage especially if you’re on the At&T’s 2GB plan.

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Sam December 29, 2010

the 9to5Mac screenshot doesn’t include the “Before 3G FaceTime Call” which wasn’t at zero. They actually found it takes up about 3MB/minute (see http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/08/how-much-data-does-a-3g-facetime-call-use/)

So assuming 3MB/minute over 3g, a 2GB will actually fetch you more like 136 five-minute FaceTime Calls, not 13.

[The Maths]

2GB = 2048MB

2048MB / (5*3MB) =136.5 five-minute calls

Kazdagi August 3, 2010

So what, about 13 five minute calls is about the limit on a 2Gig plan?


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