How to Fix SIM Error on a Jailbroken iPhone

By Jay Shah | Apple

If you have recently used the JailbreakMe tool to jailbreak your iPhone, you may be having a gala time accessing apps hitherto impossible to enjoy. But if you have also used the phonebook SIM card trick on your phone prior to jailbreaking it, you may be facing an error message now.

This is because Apple has apparently found out about the phonebook SIM card which allows you to activate your iPhone 4, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS without using the pre-fitted SIM card. So if you have tried that trick, you should get an error message which says, ‘different SIM detected, please connect to iTunes’.


Even if you reboot your iPhone this problem persists. Thankfully, the member of the unofficial iPhone Dev Team who came out with the phonebook hack by unlocking basebands 05.12.01 and 05.13.04 has now also come up with a way to get around the error message problem.

Here’s the solution to fix different SIM detected, please connect to iTunes issue:

  • Download the i-FunBox app from iTunes.
  • Run it in order to sync it with the iPhone you own.
  • Open the i-FunBox app once installed and access /private/var/root/library/ and go to the folder named ‘Lockdown’.
  • Delete this folder permanently and replace it with the new lockdown folder found in the extractable folder.
  • After this is done, simply restart the iPhone to allow the changes to take effect.

You should now be able to run the iPhone with any SIM of your choice. So, not only can you enjoy all the apps from independent developers not available in the App Store, you can also use any carrier to support your iPhone. Two points to note here:

1. You can use any SIM card for this, provided it has a phonebook. Even your old SIM with all the contacts loaded will do and there is no need for programmable SIM cards at all.

2. If you are using the iPhone 4, you will need to convert the Mini SIM into a Micro SIM by cutting it up (be careful here).

While this tweak should give you free access to your iPhone once again, it remains to be seen how soon Apple comes with a counter-offensive!

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Fran October 12, 2010

It appears that I-funBox is only for pc,s is there something similar for Mac? Thanks. Looking forward to making some calls.

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