iOS 6.0.1 WiFi issues Continues for iPhone 5/4S, iPad Users

By Sidharth | Apple

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users breathed a sigh of relief when Apple released the iOS 6.0.1 update, but they are now quickly disappointed after learning the WiFi issues were still not fixed in this new firmware.

Apple promised its users that iOS 6.0.1 “improves reliability of iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) when connected to encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi networks.” But there are other WiFi related problems plaguing the iOS users, such as:

  • WiFi option is greyed out and disabled.
  • No WiFi syncing with iTunes.
  • iOS 6 disables WiFi automatically on Sleep mode.
  • Cannot connect to WiFi network.

It’s a sorry sight to see Apple forum filled with painful stories from iOS device owners. Users have reported that they constantly running through these WiFi and networking problems after moving to iOS 6.0.1 firmware. As I was browsing through these pages, I figured out I might as well let you know that you are not alone. There are thousands of people complaining, and some folks seem to have fixed the problem by moving to Android smartphones.

Here are some of the common complaints:

My iPhone 4S’s WiFi is totally disabled. I can’t even toggle the “ON and OFF” switch. I tried to reset the network settings. Performed hard reset but did not resolved the WiFi issues. Now am totally stuck without WiFi connection.

After updating my iPad 3 to iOS 6.0.1 I thought that bugs like WiFi problem will be fixed, but I was so disappointed that its not yet fixed. After a minute of standby mode of the iPad, WiFi is turning OFF.

I can’t even turn Wi-Fi ON… its gray now! WTF!!

The 6.0 crippled the WiFi on my iPod touch 4G. I couldn’t even access the app store. I know it was the update because everything was fine until right after. I tried ALL of Apple’s online recommendations but nothing worked. I got excited when I saw the 6.0.1 update but it had very little effect.

After the upgrade to 6.0.1 and the reboot, I got WiFi working …  for a few hours. Another reboot, WiFi worked again, for a few minutes. Now, it’s again greyed out. 🙁

Usually the WiFi control is greyed out and when it is visible it can either not find any networks or it stays connected for only a brief moment before failing again. Never had a problem with iOS 5. I also have an iPod and an iPad, as well as several computers on my W-LAN and no problems with any of those.

Same story: WiFi worked well on my 4S, prior to iOS 6 update. Then, after some days, it greyed out. I doubt in this case it is an hardware issue. 6.0.1 did not solve this problem.

The WiFi option was still available but unable to connect to my home network and when I rebooted the phone, the WiFi was greyed out. It has not been working since.

The WiFi was working great before I went to bed and the next morning it was no longer working. Thanks iOS 6.0.1!

If you get a replacement iPhone and restore your backup, I’m willing to bet money you’ll have the same WiFi problem.

At least iOS 6.0.1 finds networks (an improvement over a greyed out WiFi control on iOS 6) but can’t connect. There’s a real problem with the iPhone 4s / iOS 6 combination and it’s for sure not user error.

Seems like we do have a fix for these WiFi issues?

I had the exact same problem today… no access to WiFi, greyed out etc. I restarted my modem /router and BAM… it is working.

I found that having IPv6 disabled on my router (which it was) prevented any of my iOS devices from working. As soon as I enabled IPv6, everything started working again.

Are you experiencing WiFi issues on your iOS 6.0.1 devices? Have you come across any fix yet? Is your iPhone’s battery any better after the upgrade? Let us know through your comments below!

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julio rodriguez January 17, 2013

i bought a 5th generation ipod touch today, and put the wifi passcode for my router, and its saying unable to connect, its the same password and my 4th generation ipod touch works fine, so idk what the hell is the problem, can this be fixed or is it just the software that apple screwed up on? ive tried multiple times and it continues to say the same thing, and is becoming very annoying, who would of known buying something brand new in the box wouldnt work -_-. if anyone knows how to solve this problem, please message me at with a solution because this is very frustrating and dissapointing, thank you

Mark December 10, 2012

Wi-Fi on Apple devices running iOs6.1 works fine. The only issue I have is when the network team update the Internet device at work. So is it ios6.1 or the other devices?

Saifullah Khan Marwat November 23, 2012

I am sailing on the same boat you all are. Have the same issue. Never had it before upgrading to ios 6.0.1. It is really disappointing and hope that Apple will fix it sooner than later. Till then we going through this pain.

Black Coffee November 22, 2012

There is still NO FIX on WiFi disabled issue. Apple Support Communities thread discussing this have been reached 277382 views with 159 pages!!! Apple is soooo screwed-up!!!!!

Nancy November 19, 2012

Traded an iPhone 4 for the 5. Have intermittent wifi issues. Sometimes it won’t stay connected, sometimes it won’t connect. Just got back from a vacation. My spouse connected to airport wifi in seconds on the iPhone 4S, it took me about 20 mins and it kept losing the connection. At home it’s slower than my 4 was and takes a while to reconnect after a locked screen. It’s an awesome phone, but I really have to pay attention to see if wifi is on. Data data data fees.

Michelle November 12, 2012

I thought it was something wrong with modem or router that I reset them several times but in fact this stupid iOS 6.0.1 still has an issue with wifi. F*ck you Apple! be responsible please with this expensive stuff!

mike November 12, 2012

For those who are still struggling to connect to wifi on an iphone 5, here’s how to stop losing sleep. Make sure you already have iOS 6.0.1 Go to Settings. Turn off Airplane Mode. Turn it back on again after 10-15 seconds. Next, click on General, scroll down to Reset. Click on Reset Network Settings. Go back to Settings and select Wi-Fi. Choose your network and and type in password. You should be connected.

    Jim December 24, 2012

    You da Man. Worked Perfectly! Thanks.

Grace November 10, 2012

I think apple should focus on their problem rather than fighting with samsung.
This is bs. There are some apps requires using wi-fi and since my wi-fi is working less than 10 sec. I can’t even use that apps. I’m so mad. Apple is letting down their loyal customers.

Greg Hostetler November 9, 2012

My wi-fi worked from an icloud backup when i got my new iphone 5, it’s trying to connect to other secured wi-fi’s. My iphone will not accept a password for another wi-fi. I sat next to two people with iphone 4’s who entered the password for the wi-fi at my club and it worked. I also sat next to two friends who had new iphone 5’s (one Sprint, one AT&T, one Verizon) and we all entered the password and could not get the wi-fi to work! on our iphone 5’s! I can’t ask this place to “re-boot” their device! Anyone else having these same issues?

Vikram sharma November 9, 2012

WTF…Ipad 3 wifi is not connecting to any router inspite of ios 6.0.1 update… apple please help before i throw my ipad in the dustbin.

Steve November 9, 2012

What a mess

IOS6 to 6.0.1 upgrade put phone in recovery mode and had to go 40 miles to Apple shop to unlock

No Wifi, Keeps defaulting to a IP address

All my Music Greyed out

Facebook App doesnt work

Battery Drain

And more………

Matt November 9, 2012

I have an iPhone 4S. After ios6 update, wifi works but toggles back and forth between wifi and 3G. ios6.01 did nothing to help, battery life sucks within wifi range. Very pissed with Apple.

Gareth November 8, 2012

I had the grayed out wifi problem on my iphone 4s, took it to the apple store and they replaced it but i have put it on ebay and getting a Nexus 4 when t comes out.

Alora Crooms November 8, 2012

PUT IT IN THE FREEZER FOR 30 MINUTES! My WIFI was greyed out and disabled after updating to the iOS6. Apparently there is a temperature issue. Put it in the freezer. Trust me.

sue November 8, 2012

I have a problem with wi-fi on my i-phone 4s. i have downloaded ios 6.0.1 and now the wi-fi stays on for 6 secs then 3g for 6 secs then wi-fi etc etc. internet is vertually unusable and battery life is dreadful. My i-pad is fine, stays on wi-fi without any probs. i-pad is generation 1 and runs on ios 5.1.1
Any help would be appreciated (have tried reset)

Jeremy November 8, 2012

I had the same issue with my new iPhone 5 and contacted Apple Tech support. They were able to solve the problem. What you need to do is go into Settings, then click General, then scroll to the bottom of the General screen and click on Reset, you will need to select Reset Network Settings. This will Reset your phone, it will show the Apple icon and reset your network settings. Once it comes back on, go back into Settings and click on WiFi. Turn your WiFi off for 5-10 seconds, then turn it on and try to connect to your network. Once I did that it worked fine. Hope this helps.

    Alisa November 8, 2012

    unfortunately for me this didn’t work. I’ve tried so many different things on my iphone and ipad, still nothing. basically my ipad is a giant paperweight right now. I even restored it. I tried doing it from a back up, i tried doing it with out a back up. i reset the wifi to all different types of settings. nothing has worked at all. 🙁

Nick November 7, 2012

I found how to fix wifi problems on
iPhone 5 . Settings-general-reset
Reset Network settings. Then go back and connect to any wifi.

Ace Joanne Tizon November 6, 2012

im really disappointed with having a disabled wifi on my iphone 4S i just bought 2weeks ago… i tried everything like restoring all settings including network settings like a million times but still nothing happened… i hope apple can fix this shit!

Jason November 6, 2012

They really need to fix this- it’s absolutely infuriating; I’ve been an avid mac user for years, and their response has been to close their eyes and pretend it’s not happening. The wifi sucks, period.

Richard November 6, 2012

I have none of these issues on either iPhone 5, iPod 4th gen, iPad 2 or iPhone 4, I must just be lucky.

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