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print_pdf_filesPDF files are protected for the sake of maintaining the distribution to limited people and security of the document. These files are protected by password protection feature from the content owner.

There are two situation that arises when you are going to print such Adobe acrobat PDF documents, either you have the password access to the PDF file or you don’t. In either case, here is the simple solution that would help you print protected PDF files on your Mac, Linux or Windows OS.

1. Convert PDF Files and Re-convert to PDF

Firstly, open the PDF file and enter the password to view the protected PDF file, now make use of any free PDF to HTML converter which will convert the file in to HTML format.

Now go to and add this HTML file, re-convert it into PDF again. So now you have a unprotected ordinary PDF file which can be printed using the usual way.

2. Make use of PDF Unlocker

PDF unlocker are free tools helping you to unlock a locked and protected PDF file. If you don’t know the password of a PDF file and still want to print it, then use such free pdf unlocker which will unlock the protected PDF and create another PDF file with no password.

This method is similar to the first one, except you don’t have to convert PDF file in HTML format as pdf unlocking utility does all that for you 😉

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happykaka October 13, 2009

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Steven Li August 13, 2009

use pdfcrack to recovery password, and use pdfcrypt to remove the password and restricts, both software are free and can be download from my website.

    newfreemail October 5, 2009

    find this FreewarePDFUnlocker – it works fine

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