VeriSign Trust Seal: Ensuring Consumer Protection with Malware Scan Services

By Jim Roberts | Features

VeriSign announced that the company is adding malware scan seal to its services to ensure consumer protection.

verisign_trusted_sealWhen internet surfers see the VeriSign trusted seal on any of the website, it basically means: the surfer that the website they are visiting is a legitimate website and that it makes use of secured encryption protocols to ensure that communication between the website and the visitor is safe and protected.

Now, VeriSign has increased it security measures and websites that are using the VeriSign facility, both old and new will have their websites analyzed on a daily basis for malware at no extra fee, this according to Tim Callan, VP for product marketing at VeriSign.

The company will also be adding its trusted seal to search results on various shopping search engines and it will also be utilized by Google and for individuals who use AVG’s LinkScanner.  Callan also mentioned that they are actively pursuing other search engines.

VeriSign Trust Seal is helpful..

If Verisign, in its scanning process, finds a malware on their customers website, it will promptly remove its trusted seal and notify the website administrator through e-mail. Now the site’s administrator will receive a full report on the malware, it will detail what malware code was found and where it was found through VeriSign’s Management Console. Once the malware is removed VeriSign will scan the site again and place back their seal on the site.

VeriSign have realized that the downloads have been increasing and many internet surfers are getting infected by a variety of malware simply by visiting a website, so in order to beef up the security of its customers, VeriSign added this security measure.

It might also be derived that offering this additional service and safety measure is also one way for VeriSign to distinguish its SSL certification services from a host of other companies who offer the same services they do. Callan noted they are making sure that they stay on top of their game and be the best in their field. You can expect the malware scan to be up on all VeriSign customers by the end of the year.

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