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Searching for freeware utilities that could quickly help me in converting individual, bulk images into another format, I’ve found a pretty good freeware image converter known as RentaSoft in cnet download section. The tool basically allows you to convert any image format into PSD, JPEG, PNG, JPG, ICO format and also allows you to change the image quality to 100% or cut them in half which reduces the size of the image.


PSD file as you know, is a Adobe photoshop format that allows you to create banners, logo’s and develop a website design quickly. Converting images into such formats in bulk is easier. Here are some of the benefits of using this Rentasoft image format conversion utility

  • Totally Free image converter.
  • Convert images to PSD or PS adobe format.
  • Add image converter feature in context menu.
  • Retain the high quality of image even after conversion.
  • Converts ico to png, jpg, jpeg..

So if you want to convert a image into such formats, then I recommend you to download RentASoft image converter from here.

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rash October 2, 2009

i am so so happy with this soft ware

Nihar May 26, 2009

Thanks for sharing this tool.

rishi May 23, 2009

Hi there,
Thx for the information. I too would deifnately like to try out this software. I have been usingcontenta converter for quite sometime and it has worked fine for me. contenta can also Read/write PS files. I would like to try Rentasoft too. thanks once again for sharing your opinion.

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