Free Private Registration For Domain name [Godaddy trick]

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Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrar present on the Web. With lots of Godaddy Coupon codes, new offers and bulk discounts, I always buy my domain from Of course, not everyone uses the same registrar to purchase domain names but if you are the one making use of Godaddy to buy your primary domains then here is a neat little trick I’ve found out that helps in making private registration for Godaddy domain names and it’s all free to do.

Private Registration Cost at Godaddy

For some people, usually webmasters, the need to stay hide the domain registration information becomes much of a necessity. Usually it would cost you 8.99$ for making a private domain name registration at godaddy. You can make use of coupon codes to pull down the price, but with this trick you can buy domains and also get free private domain registration on all your domain names.

The simple trick is to buy 5 domains or more! Ordering 5 or more domain names from Godaddy will automatically allow you to add private registration for your domains. Make sure you buy all of them together (use bulk domain search or add domain to the Godaddy cart)


And if you can’t buy 5 .com domain names, you can still get the .info domain names which are usually cheaper and get your free private registration 😉

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mafo January 8, 2011

dont trust netfirms
” horrible support, they sold some of my domains that registered with netfirms to another company (they avoided me to renew my domains on time with lots of excuses, even i gave them my credit card information for renewing some days before the expiration date), they charge services you dont want, i had to change my credit card beacuse of it”
Reviewer: from buenos aires, argentina Dec 18, 2010

Chris December 23, 2010

Bought so many domians from Godaddy, feel safe associating with them

minsk2 December 2, 2009

Private registration is most needed that's why GoDaddy has no promo codes for 100% free privacy))) You have to buy it additionally anyway…

Paul Johnson September 26, 2009

Whoops! Forgot the URL. Just click on my name and you’ll go to

Paul Johnson September 26, 2009

I needed private domain name registration (I’m a domainer with lots of domain names), and I don’t have time to chase coupons to get a deal. I got frustrated with what’s out there and ended up setting up a domain name registration site where anyone can get free privacy protection. .COM domains are only $10 if you are (or will be) buying many many domains. Just FYI.

dong_nguyen13789 July 14, 2009


Sidharth June 13, 2009

@Nihar- Yes, I got myself 7 domains registered and got free private registration for each of the domain.

Yolanda June 2, 2009

What if you don’t have the money to purchase 5 domains? Why not just go with a domain name provider who bundles the privacy for FREE — like Netfirms!

They offer free domain name privacy, and there domains are $3.04 cheaper than Godaddy! I still don’t see the hype surrounding Godaddy. They are far too overpriced and try to upsell you on anything you try to buy.

Technogati May 31, 2009

Hi Sidharth,
Absolutely right.I purchased my 19 Domains in India.But after big trouble I transfered all the domains to

Reply May 27, 2009

great but is ther some where we can get domain name for free for lifetime or atleast 2 years..then i can pay after.

Nihar May 26, 2009

Great information.


Have you done it personally?

Muktadir May 20, 2009

Nice article. Even if you’re just getting one or two .coms there are some ways to save a little – try these coupons out for size:

emma1 = 10% off any order, no minimum spend
emma2 = 20% off any order over $30 or £25
emma3 = any .com domain for $7.49 (works on new domains and renewals)
emma30 = any .com domain for $7.49 (works on new domains and renewals)
emma35 = any .com domain for $7.49 (works on new domains and renewals)

The above codes all definitely work. The following codes might also work – they have worked in the past but have expired, though they are occasionally reactivated without prior notice:

emma4 = domains for 2.70GBP for the first year
emma25 = 25% off any order over100USD
emma50 = 50% off domains
emma550 = buy 50 domains, get 5 free (limited to .com, .net, .org, .mobi, .biz, .us and .ws)

My advice: try all the codes in your cart when you checkout and see what gives you the best deal or saves you the most money. The working codes do not have any known expiry date. Do these codes work for you? Let me know 🙂

Pavan Kumar May 20, 2009

Cool buddy… But its quite not ok for all…. I think provides privacy free…

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