Sign up for Google Plus now; Age Limit Still in Place

By Sidharth | Google

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The doors of Google Plus have been thrown wide open and now, finally, everyone is welcomed to join the hottest social networking site on the Internet. You can sign-up for Google Plus account right now, without having to wait for the invite.

To create your own Google Plus account, head over to this link and fill out your details. Now you no longer have to ask for Google Plus invites.

I’ve been deeply enamored with Google Plus. Sure, it’s almost like Facebook, but G+ serves us with better control, thanks to the Circles. Newly added features like broadcasting a video, video chatting via Google Plus on the phone, and creating hangouts where you and your friend can sketch, watch videos together is what makes Google Plus stay one-step ahead in this social networking battle.

Google Plus Age Requirement

Before you drench yourself in the sea of Google Plus, you should know the age limit locked down by Google Plus.

Apparently, to register an account with Google Plus, one should be at least 18 years of age or older. Facebook, however, has set the minimum age requirement to 13.

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Google has a slew of updates that should garner more eyeballs than before, but at some point, when we look at the Google Plus demographics, students are a large part of the community, and the futile age restriction should certainly be disappointing for those who are under 18.

Update: I have another post up on Google Plus age requirements. Because Google Plus is in Field Trial (whatever that means), it’s true that under-18 folks are not allowed to sign-up for now. Read the post.

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(33) comments

vaneeza October 9, 2012


arianny peña ramirez September 10, 2012

saludo a la gente de facebook

Shannon Bieniek November 8, 2011


gaurav September 30, 2011

arghhhhhhhh can’t wait any longer to signup in g+

Evan September 29, 2011

You guys won’t have to wait long. Google+ is out of it’s “Field Trial” phase, and is in beta now. It will come out of beta very soon, and when that happens, Google+ will be 13+.

Dumb google September 27, 2011

My gmail account got deleted when I tried signin in to google plus. I’m 14. This was the reason. Google have disabled your account for 30 days. This is due to you bein under the age of. 13 . WTF

Scottish Loon September 25, 2011

got to be honest, kids will just put fake ages in when they sign up. i know i did with bebo when i was little, haha, the good old days! my google account (used mainly for email) has my real age on it so it won’t let me in. ah well not long until im 18 anyway. I can wait for a wee while.

mariah September 24, 2011

Now I have to wait two years for this. -.-

Tim September 24, 2011

I am a Youth Pastor/Social Worker of a community of teenagers between the age of 13 & 18, I want them all to come over from FB to Google+ but need this restriction taken out? Is there a timeline if it will be removed??

Ian September 23, 2011

Google! What’s up? What’s with the age restriction? I really am interested in g+ but I am 17. By restricting age, you’re restricting currency. I think you deserve the money, so seriously? 18+? Talk about a HUGE currency limitation. I am a website developer, a game developer, a music composer and a movie developer and I am not mature enough. My grades are almost straight a’s in school. I don’t get it.

    anonymous October 5, 2011

    @Ian I’m in the same situation, and the age limit is extremely frustrating!

Milly September 23, 2011

The age requirement for google+ is completely stupid. 13 yr old kids will still be able to use it. Age requirements in general are stupid if you think about it.

    Rosemary October 20, 2011

    Many of us have thought about it. Sorry, Milly, but it’s better for thousands of kids to be frustrated than for one kid to be abused. The internet is already as dangerous as a dark street alone at night, but we understood that too late.

Reece September 22, 2011

I think the age limit should be 13, like every other social network – Google should change this.

Dylan September 21, 2011

The messed up part, is IM 18 AND IT WONT LET ME JOIN, WTF GOOGLE

Anna September 21, 2011

I’m so annoyed …. 4 years, 4months and a half!!!!

.... September 21, 2011

It’s worse when you’re 17 and half the people in you know are already using it..

    Matt September 21, 2011

    I’m 16 and I know 13 year olds with one. I don’t even remember Google taking my age, or Youtube for that matter.

    Furyhunter September 22, 2011

    Even worse, when you’re 9 days to 18, and Freshmen children who have no clue how to write a Hello World are all googly-eyed over it.

Micah September 21, 2011

I completely agree! What kind of social networking site has a 18 year old age limit? Google is missing a HUGE demographic.

Scottish Woman September 21, 2011

The age restrictions are ridiculous because it’s mainly people under eighteen who are interested. Does Gooogle have any idea what they’re doing?

Anonymous September 21, 2011

This is temporary. They will lower the minimum age requirement to 13 shortly. The reason given for why they haven’t yet done so is that a number of security features have to implemented first.

Ilan Cortes September 21, 2011

I’m 17. I graduated from high school already, I’ve been working for two years, I pay taxes, I pay bills, just bought a 12,000 dollar car, have a recording studio, and I work for a Health Care company, but I’m not mature enough to sign up for Google+?

Jonny September 21, 2011

Seriously, come on google+, 18? What are you on about?

Andrei September 21, 2011

didn’t they change the age limit to 13 back in july?

    Ian September 21, 2011

    They were planning to, but they didnt

      Somebody October 19, 2011

      whyyyy you google i will hate them if next year nothing changes

16 YO James September 20, 2011

Extremely disappointing.

Sarah September 20, 2011

So frustrating!! I really don’t want to wait 2 years to get into Google+..

    Nick September 21, 2011

    HiHi i have to wait 3/4 Year.. 🙁 and thats a long time…

      IAmWEC September 21, 2011

      Yeah, I have to wait 6 months and 20 days to wait. I can’t wait any longer!

        Conor September 21, 2011

        4 1/2 years for me!

          Bob September 21, 2011

          I’m sure it won’t be like this for long.
          Google is smarter than that.

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