How to Repair Corrupted Word Document .DOC File For Free, Instantly!

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Now assume that you have an important file on your computer, visible to everyone as it is on desktop. Your friend opens the file — in Microsoft Word, for example — formats the text with his imagination, adds colorful animation, and fancies around with your important document.

You’re back. But your friend is gone. You assume he behaved well but as you open the file — boom — it’s corrupted. The word file just doesn’t work. You can blame your friend, but, more importantly, the moment is for fixing the corrupted document. How do we repair such files?

We use a free application that goes by the name Repair My word.

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Repair My Word is a useful freeware for Microsoft Word documents data recovery. If you come across damaged or corrupted important Word files (.doc files) that will not open normally, then this software will recover the data for you, and the data will be saved as an error free Microsoft Word document.

In other words, RepairMyWord will grant you the access to get the content of your corrupted word document.

These are the features of Repair my word software:

  • All .doc files supported
  • View your corrupt file
  • Repair .doc in minutes
  • 100% guaranteed
  • Free download

Just open the corrupted Word file, preview the recoverable text in the preview window and save this text to a new error free Word file.Pretty simple recovery tool!

Download Repair My Word documents now (Windows-only application)

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Park October 2, 2010

Somebody help me. . .
I can’t open my doc file although i used your software. Why?
Is there another one?

kyawhtoo June 1, 2009

I can’t view my .doc file when i used your software.
I found that massages”This file is encrypted or unable to be read.”
why not i can?

how to repair corrupted word document February 17, 2009

There is good similar tool,which also works with word files-how to repair corrupted word document,also it recover files,program is free,tool support *.doc, *.docx, *.dot and *.dotx, as well as files in *.rft (Rich Text) format,recover corrupted templates and documents in Microsoft Word format,program analyses your corrupted file and recovers the data from it,exporting of recovered content into a new document in Microsoft Word format,will see a preview window, showing the text, that was recovered successfully,displayed content as simple text without formatting,yet export recovered content into a new file in Microsoft Word format or any other text file.

mutu26 January 29, 2009

In this situation i usually use your tool how to repair corrupted word file ,because tool has many features and it is free as how as i remember,program effectively recover the text information from corrupted Microsoft Word documents and templates,can work with text files of various formats: Microsoft Word documents and templates of various versions (.doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx files) and Rich Text documents (.rtf files),recover information from corrupted Microsoft Word documents and templates located on corrupted media (floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, Zip drives, etc.),Export the recovered information both to Microsoft Word and to a plain text file.compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003, Windows Vista.

Wido November 23, 2008

******************* HELP **************************
Hello Guys,
I burned my some of my files using Nero Burning, and some of the file i burned are named in arabic, after burning is done i formated my laptop and i sold it.
Now i’m checking the cd and all files named in arabic are corrupted(mp3s,videos,documents), Nero changed the arabic character to very strange character like —> O¬nO9-~1, and theys still have a size but they wont open, i tried to rename them and they wont open too.
Corrupted Word Document open but the whole fie character is ”cube charactere”
The words doc are the most important to me.
Please Advise
******************* HELP **************************

Madhur Kapoor June 24, 2008

Thanks for this wonderful tool. And one for Zip files will also be appreciated.

Rajaie AlKorani June 22, 2008

Ever since formatting my laptop, I haven’t bothered installing office. Google docs fit my needs.

Pavan Kumar June 22, 2008

I use docrepair, that too is a cool one… But it is needed to keep track of all such ones as they may or may not repair in all cases…

OPENGIGA June 21, 2008

cool tricks man 😉

stratosg June 21, 2008

you will be able to repair it only if the user did not use the other tool you showed a couple of days ago here 🙂 🙂 🙂

Siddharth June 21, 2008

cool 😀
also tell abt some zip repairers 😛

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