How to Open .Pub File on a Mac?

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As part of the school project, one of the readers of this blog compiled a guide to help people make sensible choices online. He wanted to include an image from this blog into his guide, I permitted him to use the image and asked if he could send me a copy of the finished material.

Today, a copy of the guide was delivered as an email attachment in .Pub format. As I was on the Mac machine, I couldn’t open the .Pub file in Preview — and after some research, I found out that .Pub is a Microsoft Publisher format.

Opening .Pub File

On Windows, one can use Microsoft Publisher to view and open .Pub files. However, Microsoft Publisher is an exclusive Windows-only program; so how do we, the Mac users, open .Pub files?

Solution: Convert .Pub into PDF File Format.

I scooped out every detail I came across about opening .Pub files on Mac, and I believe the best way to view the content of .Pub files is to convert it into PDF format. The tools mentioned in this article are good enough to get the job done.

The first tool is Zamzar — a very popular online conversion tool. To read the contents of your .Pub file, you need to upload the .Pub file on Zamzar, choose the format to convert to (PDF), and enter your email address. Zamzar will convert .Pub into PDF and email you the file as an attachment. Pure and simple.

Similar to Zamzar, this online converter converts Microsoft Publisher file into compatible PDF format. The layout of the PDF file may be a bit out of shape, but then, you have nothing to complain — it’s free!

Note: It has come to my attention that both these services may send promotional emails. To avoid getting hammered with promotional email messages from these services, I’d always recommend the use of temporary/disposable email ID.

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