Stumble webpages without downloading Stumbleupon toolbar

Stumbleupon has been a great source of traffic for blogs as it is a community thrived on quality interesting web links of various websites spread across the Internet.If you are on Firefox or Internet explorer browser then you will find addon’s to download and integrate the stumbleupon toolbar which makes it easy to stumble websites or give a review to any particular web page.



The above browser is Google Chrome and I have my stumbleupon toolbar integrated with it without any addon! Google chrome doesn’t have a support for addons or any extension and so does Safari and other web browser.If you are on other browser and love to stumble quality websites then this will be helpful!

Thumbs up or Thumbs down without toolbar

Just copy this link and paste in your browser

Replace the sitename with the site you are stumbling,you can thumbs up (Up vote) or thumbs down using this trick.

Reviewing or submitting a Web page to Stumbleupon

if you are still of firefox or Internet explorer browser but don’t want to install the Stumbleupon addon toolbar  and want to submit a webpage with the review then copy paste the code on your address bar and hit enter.

You will get a url box,place the website url link which you are about to submit and review the website.

  • wazzupweb

    very nice!!THANKS FOR THE INFO!! really cooL!

  • Adam

    It would be great if the URLs could be bookmarklet-ed, if you know what I mean 😉 Something I can drag and drop to my bookmark toolbar 😉

    Damn, I’ve been waiting FOREVER for something like this 😉

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Totally awesome tip, dude! Thanks so much! This was really bugging me the last few days!

  • psycho cat

    This is a great workaround! I simply pasted my homepage in as the site I wanted to stumble and then made that page my new homepage. Brilliant. Thanks.

  • Madhur Kapoor

    This will be useful when i am browsinf in Safari or Chrome

  • Jocelyn

    Just a question. I’m already a member of Stumbleupon, but when I tried the links above, I’m still being asked to join. How do I stumble a page I like without installing the toolbar?

  • James D. Newman

    I think it’s great that there is a hack to do that, but that is so much less convenient than having a button on a toolbar it’s not even funny. At a minimum I have to have a tab open in the background, and then I have to cut and paste the URL into the address in that tab, right?

    I have about 10,000 stumbles on SU — the difference between using the button on Firefox, and this would be significant for me.

    I really like Chrome in other ways — and Firefox 3.01 seems buggy to me, but not having a context sensitive thumbs up/thumbs down button is a deal breaker for me for regular use.

    If I missed the point of how this works feel free to write me and yell at me. :)

  • Rockstar Sid

    @Mayur – Glad that youu liked this trick!

    @Jordan – I have written it in the post man.. for submitting review use this

    and for thumbs up or thumbs down use

    You can’t completely integrate stumbleupon toolbar to Google chrome browser,this will help the need to eliminate toolbar…

  • Jordan

    This is great man. I am to using google chrome. Is there any way you can tell me how you did that?

  • Mayur

    Its an awesome trick dude 😀
    Searching for it …