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Who wants a writing board when you can convert your computer screen into a white board?

Here is a fun tool which will create a layer on your Windows Desktop so that you can write anything on it — from notes to to-do list. Available for free download, this White Board actually has three important things: a plain board, eraser and three pens. You can pick any of the pen and start writing, but how to write? You have to use your computer mouse (can be difficult for starters).

If you have a bigger monitor, like I do, then you can use this software to illustrate your plans, strategy, etc.

White board for windows

Download White Board (Exe File)

After downloading, maximize the White board to cover your Windows desktop theme and folders so that you can use White board in full-screen mode. The windows wallpaper will be hidden behind this software. The download file is small (112 Kb of your hard disk including setup). By the way, you can also use these digital picture editors to create a white canvas and use pencil to draw anything you want.

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Andrew March 23, 2011

any chance of a MAC whiteboard?

paddy September 27, 2010

Wow! Nice & handy tool! 🙂

Martin Lewis January 31, 2009

The kids will love this. Thanks.

stratosg January 31, 2009

This looks nice… Keeping notes can be easy this way 😉 will take a look!

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