Forcing Google Analytics to Show Real Time Data

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As I was having a casual converstion with my friend about Google analytics, he told me that Google analytics doesn’t show real time data. Not willing to agree with him, I went ahead to the analytics dashboard, searching for a proper answer and found out this question – β€œ How long does it take to see report data? ”


Google Analytics generally updates your reports every 24 hours. This means that it could take 24 hours for data to appear in your account after you have first installed the tracking code.

So according to Google analytics: there’s ‘no’ way to get real time data from google analytics. Infact, there is one way! I wouldn’t like to call this as a Google Hack but this I am just trying to deceive the google analytics team πŸ˜›

Real Time Tracking from Google Analytics:

Just go to your Google analytics page and have a look at the right top which reads β€œMy analytics Accounts”. You can find the date range feature and next to that there is arrow pointing downwards (see the image) which allows you to set custom date.


Click on that arrow and you  will be presented with a calendar showcasing dates from the past month. Select the date range (include the current date) and then click on Apply button.


The page refreshes and Viola! You can see the real time statistics for your blog! πŸ˜€

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SEO July 21, 2010

While not being real time, it’s better than waiting until the next morning. Refresh times vary for me, but usually I find them about an hour behind.

Blake Urmos April 20, 2010

This was useful when setting up goals using the pageTracker._trackPageview(); function on an AJAX contact form in WordPress. The key was to use multiple browsers at different hours with different Google Analytics settings so you know which configuration works.

ElleAz April 14, 2010

Whether it’s truly “real-time” or not, it’s just helped me solve a major issue by enabling me to confirm that my GA code was tracking the site traffic today. Thanks for the tip!

Rebel SEO February 19, 2010

Really? That’s supposed to be a “hack”? Sheesh. I guess you got me.

Aktuell January 13, 2010

This statistics are not real time! They refresh after 3 -5 hours only.

Sumesh July 16, 2009

Funny, I’ve been doing this ever since I started using GA. And it still isn’t real-time, I notice stat inaccuracies for at least an hour, so this post is still misleading πŸ™‚

Anthony King June 19, 2009

This is good BUT it’s not “real time”

It takes maybe an hour or even two hours for the results to be updated…..they will usually pop up at some point after refreshing.

Either way, very good!

Ashok July 3, 2008

No i don’t think like so.

Sumesh June 19, 2008

Good tip….I’ve been using this mostly, although my intention was to get the numbers for the day and not for realtime stats.

Justin Copeland June 17, 2008

I have been using Woopra ( for about a week now and it shows real time stats very nicely. I can even use it alongside to Google Analytics for their funneling down but if you want to know what a visitor is doing at your site, at this exact moment, check out Woopra.

Just as a disclaimer, I have no attachments to Woopra other than thinking it’s a kick ass analytics package.

Sandip June 12, 2008

Thats Great Trick, But ya it still has 2 hours Lag. not so Real time data like Woopra Gives

Swastik June 10, 2008

Thanks Siddharth,

Nice tip.

Gaurav June 10, 2008

Old trick… but someone had to publish it πŸ˜€

Steve Yu June 9, 2008

I use it frequently to view latest traffic.

Sidharth June 8, 2008

@Everyone –> Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ God bless everyone!!

MoiN June 8, 2008

hahaha cool trick πŸ™‚ – though, I only use analytics once after the day has ended =)

Melvin June 8, 2008

great… i do not really know this technique… thanks..

Rob June 7, 2008

I have been using that trick for a while now. There is still a short two hour lag, but good enough for me. When using this tip keep an eye out for an hourly link and really know what’s going on for that day. The link is usually found near the header of the results.

ajay June 7, 2008

thanks but i am using it from last one month

Siddharth June 7, 2008

Nice trick πŸ™‚
Althouygh I knew this ever since I Started using GAS πŸ˜›

Agent 001 June 7, 2008

Nice trick. I will try it myself.

Rajaie AlKorani June 6, 2008

That is one sweet trick!

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