Meebo is Blocked in Office? Access Blocked Meebo

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Meebo has become one of the trusted and popular web instant messaging service. Not everyone have the time to download IM clients such as Yahoo! messenger, MSN messenger or Google talk for chatting, therefore Meebo comes in handy as it allows you to chat online without downloading anything!

But when Meebo is blocked in Office then you have to find ways to access it, you can make use of proxy, alternative meebo websites or other ways to access unblock Meebo!

Due to the useful features of Meebo – It has been blocked in several places making it hard for people to access Meebo in the blocked environment, keeping this in mind – Here are some of the tips to access and unblock meebo whether you are in the office, school or colleges.

meebo-logoMake use of Meebo proxy – With proper proxy website you can definitely access Meebo website. Though there are several proxies for Meebo available online, I would point out that only few of them might work for you. So, if meebo is blocked then try to access it through Proxy. If it fails then check out the next options

Unblock with Meebo Reporter – As written by Ghacks, one of the easy ways to access blocked Meebo is to make use of “Meebo reporter” which is an official app that configures the web settings allowing you to access Meebo whenever it is blocked. Download Meebo Reporter (Link)

Meebo Alternatives – If the above two tips aren’t helpful in unblocking Meebo then the last and recommended option is to use alternatives of Meebo. These are similar Meebo sites which helps you to log into Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo! and chat with your friends. Some of the best Meebo alternatives are:

  • E buddy – Popular web instant messenger and quite similar to Meebo services.
  • I love IM – Access Myspace, Gtalk, MSN, Aim and Yahoo!
  • Imo – Similar to I love IM but also includes Skype, Facebook chat.

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unknow???? February 23, 2010

these web sites need to be unlock 4 p**n who eva wanna fak just hit mii Xxaeroxd

Anelly September 30, 2009

It’s not just about accessing blocked websites at work. There are blocked websites by the all over the world due to specific internet filter is some countries. There is nothing bad in using a hide ip software. I think is a way of regaining your liberty.

Sidharth September 26, 2009

@Old Man Dotes – I do agree this is not an approvable approach but sometimes there is a need to access messenger for quickly accomplishing some pending works.

Then again, opinions do differ. Some people try to access sites for fun, for work.. and probably some do it for impressing other mates around.

And concerning about the JOB, I am a student, in the IT sector, but I do know few of the office-guys who try different ways to access blocked websites, so far none were “FIRED” perhaps different regions follow distinct ways! And no wonder due to rigorous rules in the USA they stand on top of the world 🙂

Glad to see you throw in your opinion. Have a nice day.

Old Man Dotes September 26, 2009

Yes, go ahead – access services that your employer as blocked. You might get away with that in Europe, but in the USA it’s grounds for dismissal.

I work in the IT Department; there’s lots of services I use at home that are blocked here. They’re blocked for good reason, usually either network security, proprietary company information security, or legal liability to the company if we don’t take action to prevent employees from using the service.

Is a social networking site really more important to you than your job? If you said “yes,” then it’s really time to move on – find a job that doesn’t block that social networking site, instead of sneaking around behind your employer’s back.

    hillsidegang January 5, 2010

    bithh nigga 😀

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