What is .PPS File and How to Open .PPS File Extension?

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pps_file_extensionFiles ending with extension .PPS are at present one of the most common types of files that are encountered in day-to-day life. These PPS files or PowerPoint Slideshow files are copyrighted extensions for slideshows created in Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you have created PowerPoint Presentations or slides, you are much likely to encounter this format.

More about Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create elaborate presentations for educational, personal as well as business purposes. Hence PPS and PPT formats are extensively used these days.

The PowerPoint application comes bundled with the Microsoft Office package. It is extremely easy to use and can provide powerful text formatting as well intricate animations to make the presentation visually appealing.

PowerPoint basically works on the basis of individual pages known as ‘slides’. The slides can be set to appear one after the other automatically (after a pre-specified time delay) or they can be made to progress manually with a click from the mouse. Slides can also be hyper-linked making use of ‘buttons’ for a more detailed and snazzy look. This software is definitely one of the best-buys from Microsoft Corporation.

Commercial Ways to Open PPS Files

Any Office suite, even free ones like Microsoft Office, can open PPS files.

You can try out programs like PPS2DVD which effectively converts the .PPS file into a DVD file. The trial version, though, will leave behind an irritating watermark. You have to purchase the software to get rid of it. Advanced users can use SnagIt to capture the PowerPoint show while it’s playing on your PC.

Please keep a back-up of the .pps file before performing any kind of conversion processes. I am sure, you are looking for free ways to open PPS files?

Open PPS File extension For free

There are a lot of softwares available for the purpose of opening .pps and editing a .pps file. First of all a .pps file is self-executable, that is it can be double clicked which will in turn play the slideshow. You cannot edit the slideshow. For this you need Microsoft PowerPoint. Go to menu and open the .PPS file from inside PowerPoint to edit its contents.

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer you can download either of the following .pps file viewers:

  • Download the free .PPS viewer provided by Microsoft Corporation. This is available here.
  • You can download OpenOffice.org office suite. This, unlike Microsoft Office, is a freeware and can be downloaded from their web-site.
  • Use other office packages like Star Office or WordPerfect to open and edit the .pps files.

You can also consider these Office alternatives to open PPS files on your Windows or Mac computer. If you do not wish to keep your presentation as a .pps files and want to convert it into some other format then matters become difficult. The most common format into which you would convert .pps files should be an mpeg file or a DVD file. There are no effective FREE softwares available for this conversion.

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