Download Norton 360 4.0 With 90 Full Days Trial

By Sidharth | New Product

Norton 360 version 4 is hot! And the best part is we have free download of this software with a 90 days trial period. Almost 3 months of free protection for your computer, this definitely saves you couple of bucks as the subscription for 1 year is almost 80 bucks (USD).

After reading some rave reviews about the product (read review here), I wanted to try out the Norton 360 demo. The official confusing norton website requested to use credit card for a 30 days trial period download of Norton 360 4.0 and a subscription. I simply refused. Then, luckily, I came across an direct download link of Norton 360 exe file. Before that let’s have a look at what’s-in Norton 360 4.0 version:

Features of Norton 4.0 Version

  • Instant threat detection and notification.
  • Security from malicious internet websites.
  • Prevent botnets and virus from controlling your pc.
  • Quick scan of pc components.
  • Secure web login to protect passwords.
  • Protection, protection and more protection.

How to download Norton 360 4.0 Trial

You can download Norton 360 trial version of 90 days from Rapidshare by clicking here.

Update: Norton have there own secret page that allows direct download of Norton 360 4.0. Like I said, it’s really one confusing and unexplored website! 😛 Download it directly from Norton website by clicking here.

Once you’ve this version saved on your Hard Disk, the activation process doesn’t require product key. Instead, you have to register an free account (no credit card too!) for activating the trial period of Norton 360.




So, that’s it! 3 months of protection for your computer completely free of charge. But, what next once the trial period of Norton 360 expires? Well, go with any of the free antivirus softwares, or just download 90 days of Norton 360 version again 😀

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shamc October 3, 2010

dr all once you finished the trial of 90 days then if you wanna dwnload the same trial and install it, it will not work it will show trial expired so you need to find other version of trial to get more days in count.

moorthi August 31, 2010


strela April 4, 2010

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