TuneUp Utilities Product License Key

There are some PCtools promotion always going on, though I try to find such free promotions and update all the readers as soon as possible but this one is from Raymond which will help you to get a free license of TuneUp utilities 2008 version.

I’ve already posted a few tuneup utilities alternative for optimizing your Windows system that are freeware. If you are unable to purchase the Tuneup utility then I suggest you to use those freeware. And if you want Tuneup Utilities License key then here is the trick. Before that, let’s look into the benefits of Tune up Utilities product


  • To optimize Windows settings.
  • Protect personal settings and configure it.
  • Make quick analysis of programs.
  • Increase PC performance to a great level.
  • Tune your registry and eliminate unwanted files.

License Key For Tune Up Utilities 2008

We will download a trial version of the product and enter the valid license key during setup. So download Tuneup Utilities 2008 version from here. Once you’re done downloading tuneup, during the setup process click on “Enter product key” and enter any one of the license serial key

  • Tuneup License by PC Utilities: MNANL-LUGXJ-XARTY-MMTJQ-SGTTU-AFHEL

These are official promotion from the website and is valid genuine key from the PC tools. So go ahead, use any one of the activation key and finish the setup process to get your full version Tuneup 2008 utilities!

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    Hi there, Is this a good tune up programme? It doesn’t come with any extra spyware does it?

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    Hey…the product key i used works till today..and it turns out to be unoriginal product key..and i cant use it anymore.anyone can help me with this prob??thankx

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      dude, I also faced the same problem… I was using some key which i downloaded from a torrent and jist like you Mine is blocked today so I searhed another Key and found that the above mentioned is valid one for me as of date.. So now I Idea about this software: Because i am always connected to internet The TuneUp org. came to know that the copy which is using is not a valid one as per their database and hence they are able to block it…. So now I strongly decided to stop this program from connecting to internet, Now Its time for me to identify a solution using windows firewall or something else that can stop this program to connect to internet.

      anyone who has any ideas please share/reply here so that we all are benefited.

    • mittu

      Hey if iam not wrong you can use this serial key for as many days as you used the earlier one.
      This was valid one for me and now turned to be invalid for the copy i am using and should be valid one for you now.

      all the best MR/Miss Low

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      Keep in touch with this site atleast till the time we come to a conclusion with the discussion that I had with LOW in the above comments..
      share your thoughts on the above discussion.(tuneup stopped from using as its not a original copy)

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    Product key Tuneup Utilities 2010 :-

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      Vielen Dank im voraus Lg

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    2.) WVJ75J-F20MB5-286XYM-3JXXYV-27 X5D2-PYMDD5
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    7.) AQKA2P-HY7FQF-8M0930-DW4H4V-1EJPRC-16CHP N
    8.) BFD45E-630ATE-H1MA0C-0HWTRB-15KY5M-F0V29 1
    9.) AQKA2P-HY7FQF-8M0930-DW4H4V-1EJPRC-16CHP N
    10.)AQKA2P-HY7FQF-8M0930-DW4H4V-1EJPRC-1 6CHPN -MAMBO04
    11.) TDSV5-S9EKW-EU35J-38AJ4-N412X-3RAUL
    12.) TPCQQ0-7HRAH1-A07B20-KE230E-T1P15B-RPV0Y 2
    13.) BFD6YK-XW1Q1H-R1CQAR-3R0K42-AACXJ7-14WAR D
    14.) 3RCXNM-KXN28H-P62VEY-HM4MKC-D1F0FY-60Y33 A

    pls. notify me if these don't work.

    • iimsoreal

      they dont work):

      • babygurlzabiker

        yes, they do. you have to remove dashes and add letter at end of source code. it doesn't show up due to the spaces if you copy and paste



      These product keys are also not working !

      Plz suggest me some way out !


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      the product key for tune up utilit.is N1YD6Q-6JP6QP-2JN2MH-05JJVV-M3Q5T3-APTWNR it really works…i have tested it….

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  • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

    @Mayur – There are some youtube videos created by users which give away tune up utilities 2009 version license key.

    I am not sure if they are official keys and I haven’t tried them yet. But I FEEL that PC tools will come up with few more license very soon 😀

  • http://webtrickz.com Mayur

    I’ve used TuneUp 2008 before and want to try out 2009 version now.