Omegle Webcam Settings

Starting a video conversation on Omegle and your computer’s webcam doesn’t work? If this is the first time you are doing a video chat, make sure you know how to use your web camera.

Note: If your computer’s webcam is not working, make sure that:

The right settings for your video webcam on Mac and Windows is as follows:

Step 1

Launch Omegle website. Start a new Video conversation.

Step 2

On the rights-side a message will pop up, like this:

omegle webcam chat

Step 3

Click the “Allow” button to activate web camera on your Windows, or Sight camera on your Mac.

Step 4

After you are done with the step 3, there will be two more options: Camera and  Microphone. You can “mute” — this means your audio blaring out of Microphone will be stopped — or you can also turn off the camera.