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Ever wanted to know your IP address andthe web sites hosted on same IP address ? These websites can be found out easily from your web site’s IP address.These websites are your neighbors.It is nice to know your IP Neighborhood but sometime it can be scary too !IP_address_neighbour 

Here is a simple tutorial and tools to help you find out your website IP address and IP address of your neighbors hosted with your blog.

Finding your web site’s IP address :

Go to this website and enter your web site url


Click on Get IP and you will get your web site IP address


Copy the IP address.Next..

Finding out your IP address neighbors :

You can use any of these services to find out the IP address neighborhood :

1. Find IP address – Just enter your web site’s IP address and look up all the neighbors who are hosted on the same IP.Very accurate and informative as it has the option to perform quick WhoIs domain details.

2. My IP neighbors – Another easy to know whether  your website is packed into a crowded host with hundreds of other sites.

3. You get Signal – This tool finds out the IP address pointing to a web server and searches for other sites known to be hosted on that same web server just like Find IP address.Has a neat design and also loads of services to track networks.

Blogote IP address is and it 260 web sites associated with it !

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yanik November 30, 2009

You can also use

stratosg June 12, 2008

mayur this is logical since it runs wordpress mu if i am not wrong. so all the subdomains resolve to that server but this is not that heavy as having 1689 hosted users with different platforms…

mayur June 12, 2008

nice post 😀
mine IP has 1689 associated with it

stratosg June 11, 2008

well i had the same revelation a few months ago here since then the domains resolving to the server i host are much much more! nice list man…

Siddhath June 11, 2008

I dont think this can work because it can only tell the location of ISP IP 😛

Rajaie AlKorani June 11, 2008

It seems that I have 113 neighbors! This is seriously a great way to find out if your host is stuffing the server with too many sites, great find!

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