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As you may have guessed, a temporary email address is not permanent. The email address will be valid for a certain period of time, say only for a day, and then you have to recreate another one.

Even the messages received in a temporary address will be removed after some time. In other words, these email IDs are disposable. You use these email addresses for something, and once you are done with your task, you move on — the email ID will be deleted automatically.’

Why Use Temporary Email IDs?

Registering to a new website or forum with your primary email address may not be risky always. Some of us, however, prefer not to give out our primary IDs. In such cases, you can use temporary email address.

Some of the sites tend to send promotional messages and spams. Some of them can register us with daily newsletter or throw a deal at us, which can be downright annoying. So a lot of people, including myself, have disposable electronic mail address to battle spam and promotional message.

Also, there are Internet spam bots and email harvesting programs which searches the web to mine email addresses. And if our primary ID gets caught under its net, you can expect influx of irrelevant messages in your inbox.

Benefits of Disposable Email Addresses:

The common advantages of having a disposable address is as follows:

#1. You don’t have to register to create your own temporary email ID.

#2. You can register to any website using this fake ID, and thus protect your primary email address.

#3. The messages in your temporary mail ID will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time.

#4. You can check mails instantly — this is useful when you receive activation message after registering at a forum. Read More.

Create Your Own Temporary Email ID

There are too many sites offering temporary address at no charge. You can get multiple temporary IDs in a matter of seconds. That said, here are my top selections of sites offering free disposable addresses:

Mint Email – Provides temporary email address for four hours. Apart from instant notification feature, they also have automatic email verification which means you no longer have to click on the URL link (activation message) for verification.

Mailinator – A popular temporary email service, mailinator is designed to work in your favors. Note that anyone can see access your fake mailinator ID.

Email Bugmenot – Another instant disposable email service. All your emails will be deleted within 24 hours.

Jetable – You can also forward messages from temporary ID to your primary email account. There is also a Firefox addon (which can be downloaded from here) making things easier to momentarily create an email ID.

Spam box – Another top temporary e-mail address service which generates a address. You have the freedom to set the life span of emails received!

Lite drop –  Provides disposable e-mail addresses which expires after 60 minutes. The site also offers the option to verify activation links that may reside in your inbox.

Guerilla mail – Works same as Litedrop, although the email ID will be deleted in 15 minutes.

Update: Last two sites are no longer working.

You can also create a permanent email address at Yahoo!, Gmail or Lycos (offers 3GB file storage too) and use it to protect your online privacy. Over to you: Which sites do you use? What do you think is the best temporary email provider out there? If I have missed any noteworthy site, please let me know through your comments below!

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Disposable Email May 10, 2009

You should take a look at MailScrap it’s a free disposable email service. No registrations or passwords required, just pick a name and your inbox is already created for you, when “annoyers” ask for your real email address, just use your instead.

kk March 26, 2009

Just want to try how it’s work

arun March 4, 2009

Sorry here is the Link for YOPmail

arun February 28, 2009 is the best in my opinion . it is free, reliable and multilingual service.

I have been using mailnator and other leading services for a while. They have downtimes, and unlike yopmail delete the mails in few hours. But yopmail keeps the messages for 5 days.

YOPmail stands out is being the most neat, quick, and user-friendly disaposable service around. Have used it for sometime now , it has never disappointed me. There si no registration required, and it can be used on the fly.

It has some pretty creative options like widgets, and RSS feeds. furthermore, it is possible to switch between html and text view and to display all email headers.

Also, one can choose his own username while composing a mail. There are a few domain names a user can choose from. Email aliases, and random email generator is also available.

Serves all my purpose conveniently 😉

bill February 3, 2009

An other good disposable email site :

Alex October 24, 2008

You should take a look at OtherInbox. When you use OtherInbox, you are given your own domain name “”. From there, you give each website you go to a different email (,, etc.). All the eventual updates, notifications and newsletters from these services are automatically organized and managed on the fly in your inbox.

We are currently in private beta, but here is a URL with an invite code for you and your readers to test out:

We hope you enjoy using OtherInbox, and we look forward to your comments and feedback.


~The OtherInbox Team

Bunni Boy August 11, 2008

Dont forget the famous service. Very fast with tons of features. I guess there are about 30 temporary email services out there…

Sean August 8, 2008 has a wonderful setup, and also comes with a firefox plugin, so you simply right click on where you enter an email address to create a new one

Pavan Kumar August 8, 2008

That’s a great list…. good one..

stratosg August 7, 2008

lol now i have two of them… sorry for the spamming sid 🙁

Madhur Kapoor August 7, 2008

There is also one called 10minutemail.

Keith Dsouza August 7, 2008

Nice list pretty useful to signup on those freaking forums, stumbled.

Rajaie AlKorani August 7, 2008

Great services for websites that require an Email address!

stratosg August 7, 2008

(i keep loosing comments for some reason… maybe akismet picks them up?)

as i was saying (for about the 3rd time 🙂 ) i like the list… you are missing which is an excellent one too! once more, nice list!

stratosg August 7, 2008

don’t forget the fake email generator… i love it! very nice post!

Pratyush August 7, 2008

Wonderful post Sid. I will like to add TemporaryInbox ( ) to the list which provides any address you want, along with the forwarding services.

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