Top Torrent Sites of 2009

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best_torrent_websiteIf you are into uploading, downloading torrent then you must know the best torrent websites around that are active. aXXo was one of the best torrent uploader (who is axxo) known for quality movie ripping across popular torrent websites. Keeping all this in mind, here are the list of top torrent sites.

Best Torrent Websites of 2009

I’ve already talked about public private torrent trackers and here are the combination of both the torrent tracker.

The Pirate Bay – Though there were official notification of the pirate bay closed down but TPB still holds its position in top torrent websites with huge userbase.

Mininova – Mininova statistics reveal 1 million torrent files available, this public torrent tracker has all kinds of downloadable torrents. Inarguably the best torrent site that stand stills in 2009.

Bit Torrent –  Bit torrent and the client makes it easier to find and download torrents reverent to the interests. Already a popular torrent site!

Iso Hunt – The bit torrent search engine tracker 16 million hits every month and 1500 TB of downloads available.

Demonoid – This is invite based torrent website, therefore you get an excellent download speed with demonoid torrents.

Vertor – Users have ranked this torrent site as #1 because of the good quality torrents and no FAKE torrents available at Vertor. Torrent Video screenshots are provided so you can know sort out the best and very high quality videos.

Bitme – Again a invitational code based torrent sites where you can find almost any type of books, educational materials and comic stuffs. Excellent private tracker resources for students. One more is BitmeTV for entertainment purpose.

Bit Soup – Fastest growing torrent website famous among the P2P downloaders – Bit soup private torrent tracker are currently closed for new members.

Know any of the top torrent websites which I haven’t mentioned in the list? Shoot them in via comments 😉

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John Stroman February 13, 2010

Yeah, Torrentz with a zed is pretty much the gold standard. That’s what I use when I know what I’m looking for. I’ve barely ever heard of the other sites. I run which is best for browsing (rather than just looking for something specific). Yep, not a complete list without . When Mininova died I switched to Torrentz.

blayde68 January 6, 2010

I have DEMONOID and it just got back up recently ok, so when they start giving us INVITES again here soon as they have posted, i will be glad to offer and invite to someone ( with good torrent standing ), an invite for an invite of another good private tracker movie site. So i will stay tuned to post when they do, so if anyone who sees this is ok with this, comment back here.

Bentley January 4, 2010

mininova is dead… 🙁
torrentz searches most other sites
eztv is best for tv shows
pirate bay is still solid
btjunkie,isohunt,torrentdownload,fulldls. all good

DJ 62 December 24, 2009

east of west ISOHUNT is the best. They are just serving the poor & developing countries by providing them 100% free and instant access.
Keep it up

Gabystelistu95 December 20, 2009 is the best

ivonne123 November 27, 2009 is the best

Slaytar October 8, 2009 is the safest verified and best looking torrent site and have great people running it.

Nadim October 4, 2009


ashish September 2, 2009

send me invitation to demonoid website so i am be the member.

dudy August 22, 2009

Great list!! Thanks dude 🙂 is good too!!

Raghu August 19, 2009

You have left which is most widely used by many ppl… 🙂
would update once i remember 🙂 🙂

LANTEE August 15, 2009

very good

Nadim July 28, 2009


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