10 Digital Assets to Consider for Your Trading Strategy in 2022

There are currently over 20,000 cryptocurrencies, making it difficult for investors to choose the crypto to invest in. This is why it is important to have knowledge of different digital assets, ranging from ETH to USDT, before investing. 

This article recommends the top 10 cryptos to which investors should pay attention in 2022.

Important Factors to Be Aware Of

The following are the factors to consider before buying any cryptocurrency to avoid running into losses:

  • Market cap
  • Supply/demand
  • Use cases
  • Reputation
  • The team
  • Price history
  1. Solana

Solana is a project that supports the creation of Decentralized Applications (DApps). It has a market capitalization of almost 12 billion dollars, ranking it ninth on the global crypto list. The coin’s total supply is 511 million, with 342 million circulating supply. Solana had its all-time low of $0.5052 on May 11, 2020, and hit its ATH of $260.06 on November 6, 2021.

  1. Polygon

Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution that works alongside the Ethereum blockchain to connect and build Ethereum-compatible projects and blockchains. MATIC is the network’s native coin, which can be used for fees, staking, and governance. It has a market capitalization of $4.2 billion and a maximum supply of 10 billion, with 80% already in circulation. Polygon has an ATH of $2.92 and a low of $0.003012 in May 2019.

  1. Chainlink

Chainlink is a cryptocurrency and technology platform that enables the secure interaction between blockchain and external data. LINK’s market capitalization is $3 billion, and it has a maximum supply of 1 billion LINK, with 467 million already issued. The coin is currently trading at $7.22, 86.34% less than its all-time high of $52.88. Around five years ago, the coin reached an all-time low of $0.1263.

  1. Stellar
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Stellar is utilized for cross-border trade and remittance services. The project’s native cryptocurrency, XLM, has a market capitalization of $2.7 billion, ranking it 24th in terms of market capitalization. It has the highest value of $0.94 and the lowest of $0.001227.

  1. Monero

Monero is a cryptocurrency that values user privacy. It conceals users’ identities, making it hard to monitor transactions. Its market capitalization is $2.2 billion. Its all-time high is $517.62, and its all-time low is $0.213. It has a limitless supply limit.

  1. Cosmos

Cosmos (ATOM) is a virtual currency that allows blockchains interaction. The fundamental aim is to create a network of blockchains that may communicate in a decentralized manner. The coin has a market cap of $2 billion, and 286 million ATOM are now in circulation. It has an ATH of $44.70 and an all-time low of $1.13.

  1. Hedera

Hedera operates on Hedera Hashgraph, a novel blockchain that powers cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and dApps. Hedera has a market cap of $1.36B and a supply cap of $50B with a circulating supply of 21 billion HBAR coins. It has an ATH of $0.5701 and an all-time low of $0.01001.

  1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a blockchain-powered virtual environment where users may create, purchase, and trade digital assets in the form of games. The main aim of the network creator is to integrate blockchain into gaming. SAND has a supply of 3 billion SAND tokens, with a circulating supply of 1,26B SAND. Its market cap is $1.3B with an ATH of $8.44 and the lowest value of $0.02894.

  1. Elrond

Elrond is a blockchain that unites developers, validators, and enterprises seeking to create a new Internet economy. It focuses on scalability and cheap transaction costs. EGLD is the native coin of Elrond. The coin has a market capitalization of $1.1B, a supply cap of $31M, and a circulating supply of 22,5M EGLD. The coin’s ATH is $542.58, with an all-time low of $6.54.

  1. Helium
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Helium is a virtual network based on blockchain that connects wireless devices using Hotspots instead of nodes. It is the biggest IoT ecosystem. Helium has a market cap of $1,1B. Its supply cap is 223 million HNT coins and a circulating supply is 120M HNT. The token hit an all-time high of $55.22 on Nov 12, 2021, and an all-time low of $0.2534 on Jun 10, 2020.

Get the Most out of Your Crypto Trading

An anonymous cryptocurrency exchange is advisable if you want to get the most out of your crypto trading. This service requires no KYC and allows you to trade privately. Thus, you can be sure of your investment security.