iPhone 3G iOS 4.1: Does the iOS 4.1 Fare Better on the iPhone 3G?

When the iOS4 was launched along with the iPhone 4 there was a lot of hope surrounding the new operating system. However, for most iPhone 3G users, this hope soon turned to despair when they realized that the iOS 4 is slowing down their iPhone 3G. But now the latest iOS 4.1 promises to set things right.

When the problem was first noted, Apple quickly came out with a firmware 4.0.1 patch, but that did not change much and iPhone 3G owners still prefer not to update to iOS 4.0.1. After all, those who had adopted the iOS 4 with lots of enthusiasm almost had their phones rendered unusable!

Does Updating to iOS 4.1 fix the iPhone 3G issue?

Tests conducted with the new beta version of iOS4.1 reveal that the phone’s responsiveness has actually improved! Apps can be downloaded faster, text can be entered more smoothly and the phone does not slow down when you open multiple browser windows.

The problem was so acute that even when a second browser window was opened the iPhone 3G would almost come to a grinding halt. But now that could be a thing of the past.

This obviously makes you wonder whether the original iOS4 was actually tested on the iPhone 3G, because if it was, then why are the flaws being ironed out now? Even though the iOS4 did not give you full functionality on the 3G, it made the phone unusable at times.

So, was Apple actually making you go for an iPhone 4 by showing you what you were missing out on? That we will never know!

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Thankfully something positive has been done now, in the form of the iOS 4.1 beta, but it will be better if this beta version is made available for commercial release soon. Downloading the beta version is risky proposition right now, because your phone may get bricked unless you are developer registered with Apple.

Quicker the 4.1 is pushed into the market the better it will be for Apple and thousands of iPhone 3G users. After all, Apple is already grappling with the antenna problems on the iPhone 4, which has taken shape as an unmitigated design and PR disaster.