Windows Phone 7 Series Videos

Seems like Microsoft has pulled out all the stops for their upcoming Windows phone. This latest Windows Phone – The Windows Phone 7 Series, as Microsoft claims – is the phone that will bring about an unrivaled mobile experience for the users.

Microsoft have been gradually revealing the Windows 7 phone’s features. The disadvantages that were figured out with the Windows Phone 7 Series are no support for multi tasking, no flash and no copy paste feature which has let down most of the people.

As similar to iPhone marketplace, Windows Phone 7 Series will have it’s own marketplace; but with an panoramic view which is definitely an added perk ensuring more application to be developed as things move on positively.

Here are some of the videos on Windows Phone 7 Series that you can watch to get an idea why Windows Phone 7 is claimed to be much more superior than iPhone (Yes!?). Check ‘em out

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