5 New Technologies in Foreign Language Studying

It would not be wrong to say that technology goes hand in hand with learning. Technology is a powerful teaching tool that has the potential to make you learn things that you may typically find difficult to understand. It is like that with language learning – technology has made it convenient and less complicated. Now you can learn any language of your choice with ease. With the advancements in technology, the accessibility to language learning has significantly increased. If you are willing to learn a foreign language, this article will help you. We have described the 5 new technologies that can make studying a foreign language easier. 

Technologies and Language Learning

It is hard to envision a world without technology. The existence of technology has made it easier to perform various activities in our lives. It not only helps accelerate tasks that would otherwise take a lot of time, but it can also improve efficiency and increase productivity. Technology is deployed in most fields – healthcare, government, finance, and, of course, education. Speaking of the latter, it is nearly impossible to imagine modern learning without digital aids like learning apps, online classrooms, etc. Technology has impacted most areas of education, including language learning. Below are 5 new technologies that can help you with language learning.

1. Chatbots 

AI-driven foreign language chatbots are a new thing in the language learning world. Chatbots are equipped to provide 24×7 customer service to users, but a foreign-language chatbot can do much more. They help you provide answers to your queries. These chatbots can understand any of your desired languages and answer in the language that you prefer. The conversations with the multilingual chatbots can effectively help you learn the foreign language of your choice. 

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If you are a college student who wants to study a foreign language outside your college curriculum, chances are that you may not find the time for it. Given the rigorous academic coursework, anyone can feel too overwhelmed to start a new thing. In such a case, one may consider getting an essay writer for hire. With a professional essay writing service at your back, writing assignments will be easier than ever.

2. Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa can be a great help in your language-learning process. It can speak and understand multiple languages. This will help you to converse with Alexa in the foreign language you wish to learn and practice it daily to improve your hold on the tongue. Doing so will also make you appreciate the languages spoken outside your native country. 

3. Language-learning apps

If you are determined to learn a new language, it is time to make language-learning apps your best friend. There are many apps in the market that provide language learning assistance to interested users. These applications give a clear framework and outline that guides you to learn a language from scratch. There are assignments, videos, and other resources available every step of the way to help you understand and practice your desired language. Moreover, many of these apps are free, and the courses are self-paced, so you can learn at your convenience. 

Whether it is during learning a new language or otherwise, you may require the help of translation services. They will allow you to understand and translate any content in a foreign language to your native language or vice-versa. However, with so many options available, one is bound to need clarification about making the right purchase. That is why you can check out the best online translation services that will get your job done hassle-free. They can translate your documents and give other language-related assistance.

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4. Audiobooks and e-books 

Audiobooks can be beneficial when it comes to learning a new language. While the old school book lovers may argue that printed books are better, there are certain benefits, thanks to technology, that only audiobooks and e-books can deliver. For instance, if you need to look up a meaning of a certain word you do not understand, you can quickly do so while reading an e-book. On the other hand, audiobooks provide you with the correct pronunciation of every word, which is significantly better than trying to guess how a particular word sounds when reading a printed book. Furthermore, listening to any content in the language you wish to learn would enhance your speaking skills.

5. Music 

If you are a music enthusiast, you will be happy to know that you can learn a foreign language while listening to music. Listening to native speakers and paying close attention to the used phrases, grammar, and pronunciation is a crucial part of language learning. All this can be achieved when you listen to music. It can help you understand the language in an easier and more fun way. Additionally, you can watch music videos, for the combination of music, videography, and subtitles together can better engage you. This will improve your attention span and assist you in learning a foreign language.

Final Words

Technology, when used in the right way, can transform your life for good. It can greatly assist in various activities, including language learning. It is a much-needed tool that can provide you with all the resources you need to achieve your goal of learning a new language. From multilingual chatbots to audiobooks and music videos to language learning apps, your dream of getting proficient in a foreign language can come true, all thanks to the latest technologies. If you haven’t tried to boost your language learning with modern tech solutions, we encourage you to give it a go.

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