5 Things You Should Know About Minnesota Solar

Last year, renewable resources provided about a third of Minnesota’s electricity! Every year, this figure increases as more and more homeowners turn to solar power to save money and help the environment. 

If you’ve thought about joining their ranks and going solar, you probably have a few questions and doubts! And when you’re looking at a steep installation cost, it’s essential to know exactly what you’re getting. 

So, let’s demystify it. Read on for the top facts about Minnesota solar! 

1. Minnesota Has Ideal Solar Conditions 

As a Minnesota resident, the harrowing winter conditions may have you thinking that isn’t a good place for solar. In fact, Minnesota is an ideal location for solar! 

Despite the cold, Minnesota has sun throughout all four seasons, meaning you’ll get uninterrupted solar power all year long.

2. Minnesota Has Great Incentives 

Between the federal and Minnesota solar incentives, you can save a ton of money and dramatically reduce the cost of installation.

For example, Xcel offers up to 10 years of annual incentive payments for new solar panels! There is also a Minnesota solar incentive program called SolarSense, and a federal tax credit. 

3. Solar Company Variety

Due to its ideal solar conditions, Minnesota is home to several different solar companies. This means that pricing remains competitive and you can pick the solar company that works best for you.

For our pick, we like Blue Raven for solar in Minneapolis. You can check them out at this link.

4. Energy Efficiency and Storage 

Many people doubt that solar power can power their whole house, especially when you consider devices like air conditioners that consume tons of power. But, solar panels are getting more and more efficient all the time, and are designed to match daily energy consumption. 

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Solar panels today are 20% more efficient than when they were first invented! So, ironically, that hot summer sun can power the air conditioning that keeps you cool. 

And, you can ask your company to install a solar battery, which allows you to save excess energy for when it’s needed. On especially sunny days, your panels will often produce more energy than you consume. Diverting that excess power to a battery keeps it on hand for cloudy days or days when you need a little more juice. 

5. They Pay For Themselves 

On average, it takes about a decade for solar panels to pay for themselves, but for Minneapolis solar users this number can be significantly lower. Thanks to the incentives provided as well as the ideal solar conditions, many homeowners break even relatively quickly! 

If you have a solar battery as well, chances are your electrical bills will be very close to zero every single month. And, some households even have negative electrical bills when they feed their excess solar energy back into the grid! 

So, if you can swallow the installation cost, know that it’s an investment that will more than pay for itself over time.

The Truth About Minnesota Solar

Now that you know the facts about Minnesota solar, you know that it is exactly as good as it sounds. With high efficiency and huge incentives, there’s never been a better time to go solar. Give your solar company a call today and get started!

And, for more news and tips for the savvy homeowner, check out our blog! 

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