A Beginner’s Guide to Impactful Content Marketing

The famous statement, by Bill Gates no less, “content is king,” continues to resonate even today. Content marketing remains one of the most effective and compelling ways of building your brand and connecting personally and authentically with your target audience. According to a survey, over 97% of its respondents said that content formed an important part of their overall marketing strategy.

And this, in a nutshell, is what a content marketing agency does: they help you create compelling content that speaks directly and honestly to your target audience. If you’re on the fence about taking the leap into content marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about what content marketing is — and what it can do for your brand!

What Exactly Is Content Marketing?

Simply put, content marketing involves marketing through content. If this seems a little too good to be true, a little too easy — you’re right! Because there’s a lot more to content marketing than meets the eye, especially at first glance. Any piece of content you encounter on the internet or choose to consume has a great deal of meticulous thought and planning lurking just beneath the surface. 

Broadly speaking, content marketing agencies work with a wide variety of content, including blogging, articles, video content, visual content, and even podcasts! Content, in other words, is anything that is communicated, whether it’s written, audio, or visual form. 

Content marketing, in other words, involves talking to your target audience to tell them about who you are as a brand and a business. What problems are you solving? What products and services do you offer? Who are you, and what do you care about?

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Sounding a little like a dating profile? In many ways, content marketing agencies are precisely in the business of making matches — between brands and users. Content marketing agencies do all the heavy lifting: they conceptualize, create, and find effective ways to share great content with your audience. 

The Perks of Great Content Marketing

If you choose to partner with a content marketing agency worth its salt, you can get a lot out of your investment, including:

  • Narrowing down on and drawing an audience specific to your brand’s niche and interests,
  • Communicating with them effectively about who you are and what you do,
  • Engaging your target users in a long-term relationship with your brand,
  • And ultimately, boosting your sales and conversion rates.


Charting A Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Of course, one of the key steps to getting these great returns from content marketing is to plan. What exactly goes into a great content marketing strategy? Content marketing agencies do a lot of legwork in figuring out what their clients want before they can implement an effective strategy. This involves a number of steps, including:


Step 1: Chart Out Your Goals — What Do You Want Out of Your Strategy?

To do this, content marketing agencies generally start out by creating a mission statement of sorts: something that defines precisely who your target users are and what they like, how your strategy will reach them, and what exactly you want to tell them and communicate about your business. 

Every perk of great content marketing comes from a specific and tailored approach. Thus, to get what you want out of it, you have to first figure out what you want out of it. To use an analogy, you can get almost everything under the sun from a supermarket or a mall; however, a successful shopping trip involves a keen understanding of exactly what you’re looking for maximum efficiency!

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Content marketing agencies can help you set these goals in measurable terms, such as specific revenue targets, increased followers or website traffic, sales or conversions, or even sign-ups to your spanking new newsletter.


Step 2: Figure Out What Your Strategy Will Entail

Content marketing agencies are masters of strategically determining what does into the actual work of implementing a content marketing strategy. This involves deciding on important components of your strategy such as:

  • Creating, maintaining, and keeping content fresh and up to date.
  • Determining what resources exactly will be necessary for this process of creation and maintenance. Will you need video equipment? Freelance writers? A digital designer? Special software?
  • A timeline or schedule on which your content will be created and published. 
  • A stringent and robust editorial and approval process ensures all content works well with your brand image and is factually sound. 


Step 3: Create Content and Monitor Its Performance

As we said earlier, content can take an incredible number of forms. Content for your brand can mean anything, from how-to guides and checklists to interviews, expert advice, and even case studies. Today, image and audio content, too, is becoming increasingly popular; however, the cornerstone of content marketing has always been textual and written content. 

This will also be when you undertake a careful analysis of your existing corpus of content and figure out what’s working and what’s not, and fill any gaps you find. Once your content is ready to be put out into the world, shimmering and shining, it’s time to promote it. Content marketing agencies are experts at getting great content out there and getting the traction and visibility it needs to truly succeed. 

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Content marketing strategies also involve careful, data-driven analysis of measurable metrics such as page views, conversions, clicks, and even how long your users spend on your content. This can shed valuable light on what is working and what isn’t — a good content marketing agency will know how to spot problem areas and make alterations quickly and efficiently as and when necessary.


The Upshot

Content marketing can seem deceptively simple: in many ways, it’s very easy to implement, and incredibly difficult to pull off well. An experienced and trustworthy content marketing agency like AdLift can find the sweet spot between meeting your goals and relating to your target users to help you get the most out of your content marketing strategies.