Access Educational Videos of Khan Academy on iOS Devices

What started as a project to help his cousin in Math homework is now changing the lives of many school and college students. Today, there are over 200 million views on Khan Academy’s videos and the number seem to grow as we speak. Everyone knows about the site, and the genius behind this non-profit project, Salman Khan, has received nothing but appreciation for reinventing the educational landscape through his videos — from programming to basic concepts in Algebra, Khan Academy boasts a massive collection of 3600 educational videos. And yes, all of them are free to watch.

As the videos are uploaded on YouTube, anyone from any part of the world can view them. Before, only users with computers and laptops were able to watch these videos. Now, in an effort to reach as many student as possible, Khan Academy has come up with an app optimized for iOS users. Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch users can access over 3600 Khan’s lectures by downloading the Khan Academy app.

The app is more like the web version of Khan Academy. Everything is similar to what the website offers, but it is much more cleaner and organized. You can log in, then search, browse, and watch videos. There’s no playback syncing yet — suppose you have watched a video on the website, then you can’t just launch the iOS app and resume the video where you stopped. Probably we can expect such features in the next update.

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Overall, this is a solid educational app, and the one we recommend every student to download.

Salman Khan is funneling education to a whole new direction. The vision he had with Khan Academy was to make learning fun for students, and this could only be achieved by creating high-quality, easy-to-understand videos. Doing everything, from video creation to editing and uploading them on the web, was a lot of work. There’s no profit involved as well, but Khan loved this — so much that he quit his job. Today, prominent figures like Bill Gates and companies like Google have extended their hand to support Salman Khan in building a free virtual school. Google recently invested 5 million dollar in Khan Academy.