Apple’s Solution for the iPhone 4 Antenna Debacle

The much anticipated iPhone 4 press conference has been finally conducted and Apple has come up with a scheme to counter the antenna problem. While some people have gone so far as demanding a recall of the entire iPhone 4 line, Apple has started the redemption process in its own way.

At the press conference Apple took the first step to reconcile with unhappy customers by accepting that there is indeed a reception problem in the phone and that it would certainly try to erase all customer grievances.


At the same time the company also pointed out that while the iPhone 4 drops more calls than the iPhone 3GS (due to this problem), the increase in the actual number of dropped calls is quite low.

However, Apple went on to say that it would take three steps to rectify the situation as far as possible:

1. The latest iOS 4 update, the iOS 4.0.1 will have a software fix that will show better signal strength. Well, the update is out and the fix actually works, but does not make call reception any better. What it does is show better signal strength (number of bars) even on an iPhone without a bumper-case.

2. The increase in the ratio of dropped calls has been attributed by Apple to the use of the iPhone 4 without a case. So, Apple has promised all customers who buy an iPhone 4 from the launch date to September 30th 2010, a free case.

And if you are quite certain that Apple will not be able to meet the demand for cases, well, that’s covered too! According to the company, you can even chose a 3rd party case to buy. And in case you have already bought a case, you can fill an online application form on the Apple website for a full refund on the cost of the case.

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3. And if you are not willing to employ any of the above solutions, or if they fail to solve your problem, you can get a full refund on your iPhone 4. You can also exchange your current unit for a new iPhone 4 (great for those who think that they have got a bad unit).

So, what say the iPhone 4-bashers now? An objective and detached look at the situation will tell you that the right steps have been taken and perhaps more importantly, the ball is now in your court. Therefore, let’s try out the options provided by Apple and reserve our final verdict after the problem’s been actually solved.