How to Connect iPhone 4S/5 To Windows 7 PC Over Bluetooth

A Reddit user has been able to successfully connect Apple iPhone 5 to Windows 7 PC over Bluetooth technology and goes on to explain the benefits of this arrangement, which is largely noticeable in many cases — for example, when you tap on a song on your iPhone, the sound blares out of your computer’s speaker.

Here’s another example: you can talk via your computer’s mic whenever you receive a call on your iPhone. There are a lot of useful things you could do when you pair or connect iPhone 4S (or iPhone 5) to a PC running Windows 7 operating system, such as:

  • Automatically lock Windows PC when you walk away.
  • Stream music/audio to your PC speakers.
  • Answer calls using computer’s built-in mic.
  • Send and receive SMS via your Windows PC.

Both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 ships with support for Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and if your computer doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth hardware, then consider purchasing a Bluetooth dongle. According to the thread on Reddit, the IOGEAR Bluetooth adapter should be able to connect iPhone to Windows 7 computer — this USB micro adapter comes with Bluetooth 4.0 support and is available at $19.95 on the official website. You can, however, buy this adapter at a discounted price through Amazon online store ($12).

Once you have this adapter plugged into your computer, and have all the necessary drivers installed, switch ON Bluetooth on your iPhone. Connect both the devices, and control your iPhone through your computer, as shown in the picture above.

Via Reddit

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