How to get rid of iAd Banner ads on iOS Devices

iAd is Apple’s mobile advertising platform, and many iOS developers use this platform to display advertisement banners within their apps. Even Cydia apps and tweaks — available on jailbroken iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch — can have these advertisement banners.

Here’s a problem that seem to happen only when you jailbreak your iOS devices: a few jailbroken tweaks displays iAd banners outside the app. For instance, even if all the apps are closed on your iOS devices, the iAd ad banner may still appear on your home- and lock-screen.

There can be several reasons why an iAd banner appears on your iOS devices, but for all I know, these ads can be annoying at times. Who really wants to see ad banners everywhere?

You can troubleshoot by removing jailbroken tweaks one after the another, but it can be a taxing process, especially if you have dozens of jailbroken apps installed.

After going through pages of Google search, I finally found out the app that displays iAd banner on my iPhone’s screen. Yes, I am talking about the infamous WinterBoard app.

Disable iAd Banners now

Disabling iAds from WinterBoard on iOS 4 and iOS 5 ensures that advertising banner doesn’t pop up on home- and lock-screen. Following the instructions below can help you get rid of iAds even on SBSettings and other jailbroken apps. Here’s what you need to do:


Step 1

Unlock your iOS device’s screen.

Step 2

Launch iFile — for those who don’t know yet, iFile is used to navigate into root folders and files of your iOS device.

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Step 3

Go into /Applications/ Rename file to AdSheet.bak.

Step 4

Save and exit from iFile.

This will permanently stop iAds banner appearing hereafter.