Funny iPhone 4S/5 Prank Played on the Streets

By Sidharth | Apple

Apple announced the new iPhone 5 yesterday (September 12th) that comes with a larger screen (4-inch), new iOS 6, and its thinner and slimmer than any of the iPhones released till date. But you should know that this smartphone is not out in the market yet — though it will be available by the end of next week.

Now, let’s just pretend that you are on the streets and you are carrying an iPhone 4S. Hand this iPhone 4S to the people you see around and tell them “this is the new iPhone 5, what do you think about it?”

This is exactly the kind of prank played out as an “experiment” and the results were shown on Jummy Kimmel Live! show, a late-night talk show broadcasted on ABC channel. The prank video below describes people’s reaction on seeing the new iPhone 5 (when, in reality, they are holding an iPhone 4S).

Watch the video till the end, and I am sure you will have a laugh.

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