Real Leaked Pictures of New iPhone HD Phone

The concept photos of the rumored iPhone HD / iPhone 4G are already floating around the web. This upcoming phone – iPhone HD is all set to be announced in the month of June and some sources have found the leaked images of the new iPhone HD.

There have been leaked photos of iPhone HD model for over a month now. Some name this as iPhone 4G, the iPhone HD, and iPhone Pro – Whatever it is, the rumors are getting way too frequent, and sometimes boring!

The first real iPhone HD phone which resembles this concept image has a aluminum uni-body and looks definitely a little too heavier. There have been rumors of integrated front face camera on the new iPhone HD, and only time will speak for itself if there’s any truth. Check out the images..

Another version of the iPhone HD leaked images was spotted by Engadget, although not so beautiful at first glance but its the features that matters the most. No leaks of the exact specification yet! Maybe that are to be rumored once the pictures are confirmed.

Here are the set of images found through a Chinese twitter by @TUDream from twitter.

You never know this can be the real iPhone HD phone we might be witnessing in the hands of Steve Jobs in June. 😉

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