Word Lens: An iPhone App That Travelers Will Love

When Apple released their SDK to the Mac public, little did they know that within a few years they would be able to revolutionize the world with their technology. Today, there are a host of developers around the world that contribute their apps to the market, each of which features programs and applications that only the iPhone can power up.

The Apple iPhone 4 and New iPod Touch can do wonders that only people thought would be possible. The new app titled Word Lens is an application that works on augmented reality and optical character recognition. In other words, its shows you things you cant understand.

Word Lens is a program that when installed on the iPhone or iTouch can show you completely translated text as you see otherwise. For example, if you see something in Spanish and if you didn’t pay for language lessons, the app will translate it for you in real imagery. This means, no scanning, no digital processing – what you see is what you read. Simply point the camera to the language and the app translates it for you without changing focus.

It is truly a revolutionary piece of software that surely has the potential to do wonders. Sadly, the current app is only available for Spanish and English translations but the coming weeks ahead will get more intense. Users can download the app from the Appstore for free and simply pay a $4.99 language pack module for their translation needs. Check out the video:

What’s more breathtaking about the app is that it requires no internet connection for its translations. This means that users can simply point and search in the direction they need. Travelers and businessmen on the go that can’t understand what’s written on those direction boards will now find that the world just got smaller.

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