Axis Unseen: Former Skyrim Developer’s Insane Looking Horror Action Game

There’s a good chance that you have already heard about the game that’s been making headlines in the gaming world. I am talking about Axis Unseen, an upcoming action-adventure horror game coming from Nate Purkeypile, one of the former developers of Skyrim and Fallout (including famous Fallout 76 where players love to buy Fallout 76 caps). Axis Unseen looks absolutely incredible and full of nightmarish monsters from ancient folklore.

And while there’s not much known about the game due to lack of information out there, we have got plenty to chew on and let our speculations run wild. With that said, here’s everything that we know about Axis Unseen so far!

What is Axis Unseen?

Axis Unseen is an upcoming open-world hunting game featuring ancient folklore-inspired monsters and a world where only the fittest and fierce can survive. The game is currently being developed by Nate Purkeypile, a former Bethesda developer who has worked on many Bethesda games including the Fallout series, Skyrim, and some other games. By the first looks of the game, Axis Unseen seems to heavily focus on primal hunting elements with elaborated hunting techniques.

And since it’s coming from Skyrim’s developer, many of you might be expecting it to feature dungeons, caves, and whatnot but that’s not actually the case. Axis Unseen focuses on hunting in a vast wilderness that is filled with fantastical beasts inspired by ancient folklore. Each of these monsters has unique abilities and traits that the player has to learn in order to hunt them or save himself from getting hunted. So, if you are looking for a similar experience, it’s better to just get an elder scrolls account and stick with it.

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Axis Unseen will be Bigger than Skyrim!

According to developer Nate, Axis Unseen will actually be five times bigger than Skyrim, which is HUGE! And that makes sense because it’s a hunting game and it needs to have a lot of space for the players to easily move around to find their prey or escape from the predators. And since it’s an open-world game you get to explore a vast area filled with unique wildlife.

And as far as we know, Axis Unseen will feature a total of 6 different regions, each with its own unique environment, lighting, and hunting conditions that will add depth to the overall hunting system of the game. Each region will also be featuring different folklore monsters who have adapted to the changes in living conditions of each region. 

The Ultimate Hunting Experience

Besides the epic-looking open and the nightmarish ancient monsters, there’s an elaborate hunting system in place that allows you to hunt monsters in different regions using primitive tools and consume their special abilities to unlock new senses. Each monster is different in terms of its special abilities and allows you to hunt and survive better in these regions. 

And just like you would in the real life, hunting requires some special skills like tracking the footprints, following the smell, looking for clues, and much more. Axis Unseen gives you the chance to do just that with its brilliant hunting mechanics that let you become a hunter with each monster you kill and consume its power.

The same hunting principles work against you as well. These monsters can also track you down using your footprints, smell, and other clues. So you not only have to think like a hunter but also as a prey having to survive in this unforgiving wilderness. The daytime also affects the hunting conditions and you have to make it back to your base before it gets too dark. 

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This could mean that the monsters become more active and fierce and start hunting in the wild or they increase in number. Either way, you have to make it back to the base for your own survival. This adds a lot of depth to the overall gameplay, making Axis Unseen one of the most anticipated action-adventure games of the future.

Altars and Progression 

One of the things that popped up in the trailer that made me a little curious is those unique-looking altars that seem like places in different regions where we will start from or level up in this game. They might be places for different bosses or whatever to offer sacrifice for in order to increase your level. But at this point, nothing has really been confirmed and we can only speculate till we hear more from the developer.

But it would be really fun to have a progression system that requires you to fight monsters, use their remains as offerings, and get rewarded with their senses to become a better hunter. Guess we will learn more when the game finally closes its release date, which is still a mystery for all of us. 

Axis Unseen Release Date

As far as the release date is concerned, there’s still no news from the developer Nate. But looking at the game, it’s safe to say it won’t be coming anytime soon. Probably by the start of 2024 or the end of 2023 at the earliest. The game is making some really fast progress and looking at Nate’s dev logs, I can say game development has become a lot easier with all the awesome tools out there that allow you to create games with much less effort.

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So at this point, it’s too early to say when this game will come out but it definitely has the potential to become one of the best upcoming action-adventure horror games in the future. That’s all about Axis Unseen, I will keep you posted as we stumble across new information about the game.