Benefits of Using US Temporary Number

IP-telephony services allow you to make calls around the globe using only the Internet. You can call within the network, as well as to regular landline or mobile numbers of various operators. In this case, your subscriber will see numbers on the smartphone screen indicating the number of the SIP operator, which cannot be called back if necessary.

This problem can be solved by connecting a temporary number, which makes it possible to directly receive calls from any phone. This number has no geographic reference. For example, USA numbers can be obtained from, while physically being in any other country where it is possible to use the Internet. Such a number is correctly displayed on the screen of the receiving party’s smartphone and it is quite possible to call it back if necessary.

Who needs American numbers

A local number in the US is used to make it as easy as possible to communicate with other subscribers located on the territory of this country. For residents of America, this is very convenient, because they can call back to a temporary number very cheaply, at “home” rates, and not at international rates.

The scheme is convenient for foreign entrepreneurs doing business in America, physically located, for example, in another country. It allows:

Make calls cheaper

Work with American clients;

Make personal calls to us residents without using an international rate.

A temporary American number has a traditional form for this country: the code of the country, city or mobile operator operating in the state. This number is convenient to use not only when doing business, but also for personal purposes:

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To make purchases and register in US stores;

To submit various announcements on virtual boards on the Internet;

To search for a job – a potential employer would rather dial a local number than call in another country.

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy such a number, especially if you regularly communicate with citizens of another country.

How US temporary mobile number works

The principle of operation of such a number is very simple – it is tied to a specific IP telephony provider, which serves it. The dialing of a virtual number is no different from the usual one – the same numbers are inherent in a particular city or mobile operator. Having received such a call, the provider forwards it to a special mobile application or SIP. Call forwarding to landlines or mobile phones is also possible, only it is carried out for an additional fee.

Additional features

By purchasing a temporary US phone number from the selected provider, you can order some additional services. If you are working with a multichannel line, it is convenient to activate the conditional forwarding service. Such a service will allow you to coordinate the reception of calls and distribute them proportionally among free operators. This way, your customers will never hear short beeps indicating that the line is busy.

If necessary, you can activate the voice mail function – unable to get through, the subscriber can leave a message with important information or a request to call back. The function of receiving and sending SMS will allow you to make fast and high-quality mailings through your personal account, even without a mobile phone at hand.

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You can learn more about all additional services from the provider of your choice.