23 Brands That Support Palestine 2023

Are you keeping an eye on the heart-wrenching news in Palestine and seeking ways to make a positive impact? Perhaps you’re in search of authentic Palestinian-inspired attire to proudly wear at an upcoming rally or protest. No matter your motivation, we’ve got you covered! We’ve curated a collection of 23 Palestinian-owned brands, each of which not only gives back to the Palestinian community but also preserves its rich heritage and identity through their modern, culturally-inspired products shared with the world.

Explore these remarkable ethical Palestinian brands below and make a stylish statement while supporting Palestine:


There’s more to PaliRoots than merely a name in the industry. PaliRoots sells a variety of kufiyas, Palestinian pattern clothes, traditional Nablus soaps, stickers, jewellery, and more that are all inspired by Palestinian culture, identity, and people. The PaliRoots Meal Programme, through which one meal is given to a kid in need for every order, and the PaliRoots Funding Projects, through which they work with non-profits on high-impact campaigns for various Palestinian issues, are what set them apart.


You can do good and express your identity with KUVRD, an Arab street brand owned by Palestinians. With the help of Human Concern International, Karam by KUVRD distributes one meal to a family in need for every 10 dollars donated.

West Bank Apparel

This company’s roots in the West Bank Apparel reflect its focus on Palestinian heritage and design. In order to help Palestinian children, refugees, and humanitarian problems, they provide at least 15% of their income to groups like Islamic Relief USA, PCRF, and UNRWA.


PurePali, a cutting-edge Brooklyn, New York, streetwear label, uses cutting-edge designs to celebrate Palestinian culture and unity. At the moment, they are giving away all of their earnings to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) so that they may treat kids in Palestine and the surrounding area.

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5. West Bank Hoodie

West Bank Hoodie, headquartered in Los Angeles, was established by Palestinian Americans who are also proud of their heritage. You may show your solidarity with Palestine while wearing one of their many modern statement items.


A Palestinian family has launched a new brand called PALIDRIP to introduce the United States to the wonders of Palestine. The fashionable garments in their collections pay homage to both Palestinian tradition and global inspirations. No matter the quantity of your order, they’ll give away a meal.

7. Hirbawi

Only the Hirbawi Factory in Palestine makes genuine kufiyas. Buying from Hirbawi means contributing to the growth of a local business and spreading a cultural icon of Palestine throughout the globe. While we are now out of stock, please add your name to our waiting list and we will contact you as soon as more become available.

8. Anat International

Anat International, based in Gaza City, Palestine, sells gender-neutral, slow-fashion, cutting-edge streetwear. Both men and women participate in the production of own apparel, which challenges traditional gender roles in the textile industry.

9. Deerah

You may update your wardrobe with items from Deerah, all of which have trendy designs in tatreez and are appropriate for wear in the United States. They provide a broad range of classic hand-embroidered items, from vibrant kimonos to stylish cape coats and traditional thobes, all in the name of sustainable and slow fashion.

Nol Collective

Reflecting Palestinian culture while also advocating for ethical practises and social justice, Nol Collective is a feminist, political fashion company. Women’s cooperatives and small family companies in Gaza and the West Bank produce their goods.

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Chicago, Illinois’s Watan is an arts business with a Palestinian theme, selling a variety of items that pay homage to Palestine’s rich cultural and intellectual history. They give ten percent of their earnings to non-profits that work for Palestine’s freedom.

Meera Adnan

Meera Adnan, a Palestinian designer based in Gaza City, creates unisex, modern, and ready-to-wear high fashion that draws inspiration from religious and political allusions from the region.

Holy Land Boutique

High-quality handcrafted embroidery items, made by local women artists in the Holy Land and showcasing the historical stories of the women who produce them and the beauty of this old art practise, are available at this store.


Ayadi is an eco-friendly clothing line where each item is a one-of-a-kind work of art that celebrates Arabic women’s independence, originality, and fortitude.

Balady Stitch

Accessorise your wardrobe with a one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered selection from Balady Stitch’s Etsy site, including handcrafted tatreez goods from Gaza, Palestine.

Nadine Khalili Jewelry

Nadine Khalili, based in Ramallah, Palestine, makes one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewellery items out of high-quality gold-filled and gold-plated wires, and she is now providing a 15% discount on everything in her shop.


In Palestine, what started as a small artisan business has grown into a fair-trade organisation that helps underprivileged women and communities. To support the growth of traditional crafts, Sunbula collaborates closely with twenty-five other organisations. Buy some of their handcrafted items.

el Bustan

El Bustan is a lifestyle shop in Palestine that sells modern and handcrafted items manufactured by traditional craftsmen, entrepreneurs, women’s cooperatives, family workshops, artists, designers, and industries in Palestine to preserve the country’s rich cultural heritage.

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If you’re looking to adorn your kitchen table with magnificent ceramics, look no further than Fyrouzi’s excellent handcrafted ceramics created in Palestine.

Falastini Brand

High-quality designs of Palestinian-inspired goods with a contemporary twist are shared by Falastini Brand. These include anything from thobes and prayer garments to jewellery, handbags, wall art, and home décor.

Dar Collective

Dar Collective is a unisex fashion label that makes clothes and home furnishings that are representative of cultures all around the world. Their Palestine line features an abundance of options inspired by Palestinian art and culture.

Handmade Palestine

Handmade Palestine Over 25 skilled Palestinian artists, cooperatives, and designers have contributed their wares to this fair trade exhibition in Palestine. Mashjar Juthour is an environmental initiative dedicated to conserving Palestine’s natural heritage, and a part of their income are donated to the project.

Darzah Designs

Darzah is a non-profit, ethical fashion business that works with women artisans in the West Bank to produce genuine, hand-made, and hand-embroidered Palestinian goods that have been verified as Fair Trade. Your purchase from Darzah helps fund West Bank training programmes, salaries for local artisans, and more.

Spend your money with a reason by purchasing one of these amazing labels and learning more about the history, culture, and resiliency of Palestine. Your actions have the potential to greatly affect the Palestinian population and the continuation of their culture.